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Lisa Oldfield Throws Major Shade At RHOS Co-Star Nicole O'Neil And Accuses Her Of Buying Social Media Followers!

Lisa Oldfield continues to cause controversy on social media. The Real Housewives of Sydney, who is rumored not to return to the Foxtel hit reality series took to Instagram to shade and accuse co-star Nicole of buying social media followers.

The controversial reality star shared a photo of a room filled with a myriad of people seated in front of endless rows of computers.

"Spare a thought for the thousands of low paid workers being exploited in third world countries in click farms to like and follow one of the unpopular @RHOSydney?" she wrote. "Surely there's more worthy things she can do with her money than buy followers?" she added.

When a fan asked who she was talking about, Lisa revealed that it was about Nicole, who has roughly five hundred more Instagram fans than her.

"Let's just say I hope she doesn't take her children to the click farm to point at the poor people like she does when she's on a plane," she replied.

"Money can't buy class, but it can buy followers," she said to another.

When a fan questioned Oldfield, she replied back with: "Check out @socialblade app and type in @nicolegazaloneil - it's hilarious ! One day it's +3 followers and the next it's exactly +1000. How utterly embarrassing and incredibly pathetic !"

As previously reported, Melissa Tkautz confirmed that the upcoming second season of RHOS will indeed be getting some new blood and says that none of the original cast members aren't sure who will be asked to return.

“They’re auditioning new people and two to three [of us] are out,” she told NW. “I don’t even know if I’ll be back yet! None of us know who’s in or out. All we do know is that filming is set to start in February and that’s it.”

As previously reported, sources say after several test shoots, at least two women have been identified as potential new cast members.

“It took a while but they have found women who will change the dynamic of the show,” the insider told The Daily Telegraph.

It's been reported that producers of the Foxtel hit reality show have been exploring potential future storylines with the show’s existing cast.

Victoria Rees revealed she has been asked to date in season two and Matty Samaei to share more of her relationship. Her wedding is rumored to be filmed for the the show's upcoming second season.

What would you like to see in Season 2 of RHOS? Sound off in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Google Images