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Gamble Breaux Explains The Demise Of Her Friendship With Gina Liano!

Gamble Breaux is taking to her Arena Blog to dish on this week's Season 4 premiere episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Gamble Breaux explains the demise of her friendship with Gina Liano.

Gamble writes:

"I am happy to be writing to you tonight from my bed-office.  It might not be everyone’s idea of the perfect work-life balance, but it’s my first and last point of business every day.

I am in a rotten mood with Gina. I had mixed emotions seeing her at the Logies The stretch marks of our friendship are long and ugly. I guess the cracks began to appear on the eve of my wedding. Gina and Lydia moved the pre-planned seating so they could sit together on the flight to the wedding.

Her ‘care factor’ for me and my family continued by holding up the entire wedding party for over an hour so she could wait for her son who was on another flight. You’d think that as a hot-shot Barrister you could shout the kid a taxi fare!

(Gina had a party planned for her son’s birthday the weekend after my wedding. Let them eat cake!)

At the same time I felt very sorry for her losing her father. It took me 7 years to get over the death of my father. I spent nearly three months in bed. I guess it’s a little easier when your parents have lived a full life, but still. Girls adore their fathers. No matter how good or bad they are. She must be sucking down some deep sadness to get into that dress tonight.

When we all came back together for the first time in ages at the Logies it was much the same. She is funny and made me laugh when my teeth had been broken by a reporter. Then later that night she shoves a knife through my heart by pulling me aside to tell me she is not inviting me to her dinner with the girls.

For those of you who didn’t think the Red Carpet is a dangerous place. Try being on the cast of a reality TV show of affluent women who are the glamorous version of a rugby team. Now imagine a reporter and their camera as the ball. A very good friend who happens to be a reporter told me she would be on the carpet streaming live. She suggested I pop over to her so she could give my Mr Owl clutch bag a plug. She called out. I couldn’t break through the scrum. She launched the microphone at me and as i plunged my head forward. I took a direct hit to both front teeth. It was after all a large silver handheld microphone. It broke both of my front teeth! F$%k!!I had only just nuked them white. I was in shock. Janet picked the shattered ends of my teeth up off the floor thinking they were crowns. No baby, my real teeth. I went to the bathroom as the girls hovered like the tooth fairies trying to assess how much of a scene I was going to make. I composed myself on the toilet. A place most women regroup when fighting off a tantrum.

Let’s face it I have a grudge.

In my opinion she ruined my wedding by agreeing to be part of the ceremony when she really was not interested in being my “best woman” friend or even a decent wedding guest.

I feel she wouldn’t have even got out of bed to attend the wedding if it wasn’t the lure of being part of the OK Magazine spread.

She is spot on when she accuses me of being a needy friend. I needed a friend. When I first met Gina she very much needed a friend also. Not one of the girls was happy with her so I stepped up.

Mea Culpa

After the season finished I was only mildly miffed until I read her Judge Gina column … I wouldn’t normally care, but it ended up as part of my wedding party spread. Grudge Gina took the opportunity to use her column to take a couple of direct, free kicks at my character. I felt like I was part of a propaganda campaign.

Then friendship stretch marks deepen…from tickets I organised for Melbourne Cup Day she took wholeheartedly.  Then she spent the day in the not so large space of the Emirates Marquee deliberately ignoring me. Okay, I did ask if her son’s girlfriend was pregnant….when she wasn’t. Then I told Gina’s boyfriend he was a tool for not getting her an engagement ring…

How many friends do you get one of the hottest-ever event tickets for, who refuse to take a photo with you? Users who think they are better than you!

Sure it had something to do with social media. I was at the Emirates Marquee Cup Day Bitches!   I didn’t care if a photo was posted or not. It’s not like she ever looks any different.

It’s the friendship that matters. Her self-aggrandising moment about how many likes a photo with her gets makes me hurl.

I felt quite alone.

All I can say is thank GOD for Janet and the Angels for Jackie."

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Source/Photo Credit: Arena