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Ariana Madix And Tom Sandoval Weighs In On Vanderpump Rules Season Six Drama!

Vanderpump Rules couple Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval are spilling the tea about season six and tease about the "ups and downs" in their relationship. The SURvers also weighs in on their cast members' recent drama and what is like working with Lisa Vanderpump and more!

The following interview is courtesy via Us Weekly!

What are the biggest hurdles for you guys this season as a couple? And individually?

Ariana Madix: I think, as a couple, we tend to … when things are happening with friends of ours, it feels like there’s a ripple effect there. We disagree on how other people should be handling things, or what’s going on with those people…

Tom Sandoval: And sometimes maybe how we handle things as well. Also, in any relationships, you have ups and downs, and disagreements. Sometimes little things become big things. And they can take on a life of themselves.

AM: And individually this season, I feel like I struggled a lot. Obviously, I haven’t seen [the episodes], so I don’t know if they are going to show it or that was just something I was feeling internally. I know that’s what I was really feeling — really struggling a lot with some things I dealt with in my past. And trying to move forward and create a future for myself, and create a future with Tom. That, I feel like was my biggest hurdle to overcome this season.

One of the big things for you, Tom, this season is your restaurant with Lisa. What was it like going from employee to business parter? What was that dynamic like with her?

TS: Opening up a bar is something I always dreamed of doing, so when the opportunity presented itself … sometimes I get a little excited. I have a tendency to overstep my boundaries. But in any relationship, when you’re building a working relationship together, you have a tendency to bump heads and disagree. And obviously, me and Lisa come from different places. And we’re at different places in our lives. It’s been awesome in a lot of ways, but of course, there have been some hiccups. But we’re still there, getting things going. So…

SM: Forging ahead.

TS: Forging ahead!

One of the major bombshells in the premiere is that Jax may have cheated on Brittany with Faith [Stowers]. What did you first think when you heard about it?

AM: Tom heard about it before me.

TS: Yeah, I actually heard about it and I didn’t know what to think about it. It seemed pretty far-fetch. It’s something that you’ll definitely get to the bottom of pretty quickly in the season.

AM: That was pretty shocking and … it’s one of those things. Jax, with Brittany, he’s seemed kind of like this different person, so to hear that rumor, it’s like, “Is it far-fetched? But it is.” It’s weird. In the past I would have said, “Oh yeah, for sure.” Because that sounds just like Jax. But now, it doesn’t seem like that. Also, Faith was somebody I considered to be a friend. So that’s also really weird and shocking and upsetting. The whole thing was just bizarre, honestly.

Let’s talk about Tom [Schwartz] and Katie [Maloney]. It seems like married life is going well for them, but we do see some trouble ahead in the trailer.

TS: I feel like they’ve definitely … I think their year getting to the alter was probably one of their toughest years together. Maybe it’s pressure, I don’t know. I feel like they have gotten a lot better. They seem to vibe better together. They seem to argue less. But of course, those times do pop up. I just think they pop up a little further and far between than they were maybe a year ago. They seem to be doing a lot better.

Katie is on the outs with Scheana [Marie] this season. What’s your relationship like with Katie?

TS: We butt heads sometimes. Sometimes we’re cool, sometimes we’re not. That’s just the way it is. We have a large group of people. Sometimes you vibe with people all the time, sometimes they really get on your nerves.

AM: With me and Katie, I feel like we’ve had a lot of ups and downs. When that happens, at least for me, I just become very cautious. I’m not very all-in or all-out. I’m kind of like “dip the toes in and see how it goes.” You know what I’m saying? For me, with Katie, I feel like because we’ve had those ups and downs, when things are going well, I’m like, “Eh, is this really going to last?” So I’m just very cautious when it comes to that. I’m a cautious person in general, I guess. You will definitely see a lot of that progression this season.

Read full interview courtesy via Us Weekly

Photo Credit: Bravo