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The Reason Behind Janet Roach’s Black-Eye In RHOMelbourne Season 4 Trailer Has Been Revealed!

Fans were shocked to see Janet Roach with a swollen and bleeding black-eye when Foxtel released the trailer for the upcoming fourth season of The Real Housewives Of Melbourne, leaving viewers with lots of questions surrounding that clip.

Now, Roach discusses the incident with the Hit Network's Stav, Abby & Matt, Janet confirmed it was not staged.

Cutting to the chase, Abby asked her "Is that just edited, or did someone hit you?"

"Yes. I own it, I do own it" Janet replied.

"I was in hospital having stitches until about 2pm in the afternoon and I back on set by 6."

"So you know... sometimes these things happen to you."

However, during a recent interview with The Daily Mail Australia, the stars of the Foxtel hit reality series confirmed that Janet wasn't involved in a punch-up on set, but rather that she simply injured herself during a fall.

"She fell, and that was really awful," Lydia Schiavello said when quizzed on what had happened to Janet's eye.

Gina Liano added: "I think Janet falling was pretty scandalous. Janet having her injury."

"Oh that was one minute!" said Janet.

"Oh it was pretty scandalous though," Gina hit back.

Meanwhile, Jackie Gillies revealed that the glimpse of Janet's black eye in the season four trailer had sent fans wild with speculation. "People actually think I bashed her! I have fans saying to me that I punched her!" said Jackie.

Photo Credit: Foxtel