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The Real Housewives Of Orange County Season 12 Reunion Fashion Review!

Today our friend Sam Allan from Good Tea is reviewing the looks from The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 12 Reunion. Check it out below!

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author (Good Tea), and they do not reflect in any way those of

Good Tea writes: "Hello my fellow Tea Drinkers! Welcome back for the third instalment of our Real Housewives  Reunion Fashion Roundup. The set design and fashions at this reunion is a mess and nothing goes together. The set gives me low-key midwestern vibes, so maybe they modelled it off Vicki’s home back in Chicago. The ladies all have different colours and styles which makes the whole cast look like a hot mess. With the cohesive problem aside, some of these Californian women know how to work a look time and time again. At the RHOD reunion, a designer made everyone’s outfits to have a flowing look but in the OC they pick out their own looks and get them approved. Maybe these girls need to take some tips from their Dallas counterparts. So everyone get your popcorn out because I am spilling all the honey flavoured piping hot tea on this years OC reunion! Sit back and enjoy the shady reads and fashion tips on Bravo’s first ladies.."

7. Vicki Gunvalson​​
Lets start off with the OG of the OC. I don’t like this look at all. The dress looks like Peggy’s Armenian drapes being attached by random spaghetti straps that offer no support or any value to be there. The dress looks very tacky in my opinion and it really takes a moment for your eyes to adjust to everything that is happening. Since Vicki got her new head a couple of seasons back she has been looking snatched, but the makeup is bringing me back to those Miss Piggy days. I see you Slade! Sometimes I look at these outfits and think that Bravo really doesn’t want these ladies to look cute, but then I watch the Atlanta girls serving glam from head to toe at their reunions so I know that these ladies have the potential to shine. But this look falls flat on every level.

6. Peggy Sulahian​
You know that I love some sparkle, but Peggy’s dress is all the way wrong. It’s ill fitting and goes all the way up to her collarbone. Maybe she doesn’t want to put her new boobs out on display after the scrutiny that they received this season. Her short hair really isn’t working for me because it puts way too much emphasis on her resting bitch face. By slicking her locks back you can tell that she is ready to play and I can appreciate that, I’m not a total Peggy hater. Overall the look is underwhelming and she loses points for wearing SO much jewellery. We see you Diko!

5. Lydia McLaughlin ​
OC’s resident bible thumper really isn’t delivering us anything special. Lydia still has her signature, wavy locks and her petite little frame. Although Lydia gets TONNES of criticism about her skinny figure online, I like her body but it limits her from wearing a lot of things. She is too short for such a long dress and it does not look comfortable to sit down in. This dress looks like one those pageant moms that never made it so she forced her poor kids to cake on their makeup and twirl around with a baton. Maybe she does fit in with this midwestern reunion theme?

4. Kelly Dodd​
Kelly is such a cutie and she’s got a snatched body too but this dress just seems very out of place. Is the bitch going to an ice skating competition? I don’t like the blue velvet and all I can think is that she would be hot and bothered by the end of the day. It is definitely a step up from her last reunion look because those boobs were everywhere. Kelly looks young and I know she is going to hoe up the OC, now that she’s divorced but this is definitely the wrong outfit. Better luck next year girl!

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Photo Credit: Bravo