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Tanya Bardsley Talks About Her Plastic Surgery Regrets And Slams Dawn Ward For Allowing Her Daughters To Have Plastic Surgery!

Tanya Bardsley opens up about her plastic surgery regrets and slams her Real Housewives of Cheshire co-star and current nemesis Dawn Ward for allowing her daughters to have breast augmentation - saying she would "never" allow her own daughter the same. Tanya, who went through a botched boob job, says she won't allow her 15-year-old daughter Gabriella to contemplate surgery until she's in her 20's.

While Tanya admits she's "pro-surgery", the ITVBe reality star thinks Ward's daughters Darby, 21, and Taylor, 19, are "beautiful girls" who already have "perfect bodies".

Tanya believes that the fact Dawn is having facilities to allow "light cosmetic surgery" installed in her family home could encourage serious addiction.

"I'll let my daughter do what she wants to do when she's of an age she can make those decision for herself," she told The Sun. "But she's a teenager now. So until then I'll have to lock her in the shed."

Tanya, who is married to footballer star Phil Bardsley, says she even hid her boobs from her husband after her botched surgery.

Reflecting on Dawn's daughters, she added: "I can't really comment as I am pro-surgery. But I was left badly scarred after my boob job. Sometimes things can go wrong," she continued. "I didn't want to get my boob out in front of my husband.

"I regret doing it so young. I was 25 when I had my first [procedure]," she explained. "These young girls will do what they're going to do anyway, but they already have perfect bodies."

Tanya said she became addicted to the plastic surgery - and her doctor told her she'd gone too far.

She concluded: "It can become the norm far too easily. It's readily available. It turns into an addiction. When I had my lips done I wanted more, more, more. My doctor ended up saying to me I looked ridiculous. I had to have it all dissolved!"

Asked if she could see herself ever making up with Dawn, she also said: "Nothing surprises me on this show, so I really don't know. I prefer if my relationships all go smoothly. We're civil."

Photo Credit: ITVBe