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RHOMelbourne Season 4 Cast Throw Major Shade At Former Co-Star Pettifleur Berenger; Call Her ‘Cringeworthy’ — Pettifleur Responds!

Pettifleur Berenger may no longer be on The Real Housewives of Melbourne, however, she still continues being a topic of discussion amongst her former cast members. While promoting the upcoming fourth season of the Foxtel hit reality series, the cast shared their thoughts on why they believe Berenger "wasn't well-received" by viewers.

Jackie Gillies told  The Daily Mail Australia that Berenger "wasn't well-received" by viewers. Meanwhile, Gina Liano claimed viewers "loved to hate" Pettifleur, but Jackie said audiences hadn't liked the "Switch the Bitch" author.

"I think that is what really happened with Pettifleur, she wasn't well-received," explained Jackie.

"She also wanted the attention all the time," Lydia added. "If we were busy on the telephone she would say, 'Why aren't you texting why aren't you talking to me.'"

Newcomer Venus Behbahani-Clark also slammed Pettifleur, describing the former housewife as hard to watch.

"There's love to hate and then there is cringeworthy, she was cringeworthy," she told the publication.

Despite the criticism, some of the castmates had nice things to say about their former co-star.

"She was great television," said Gina Liano. "I actually really like Pettifleur, she's a lot of fun."

Gamble Breaux also chimed in with some kind winds, saying: "She's doing really well. She landed on her feet."

Berenger took to social media to fire back at the comments made by her former cast members. "Why are they still talking about me?," she tweeted.

Earlier this yer, Berenger confirmed that she was leaving the Foxtel hit reality series after two seasons. She revealed that she had contacted the show’s producers informing them she was officially walking away from RHOMelbourne. “I think it is important to leave something on a high,” she told The Herald Sun back in May 2017. “I have loved the opportunity Housewives has given me and enjoyed every moment of it. But I don’t think it is for me anymore.”

“I am looking forward to the next project and looking forward to spending more time on my property developments and with my family.”

Photo Credit: Bravo