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RHOD Recap: Reunion, Part 2 [Episode 14]

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author (Good Tea), and they do not reflect in any way those of

After her dramatic walk off last week, LeeAnne Locken gathered her courage and probably considered her pay check and got her booty back on that green reunion couch. Mark and Cary had to own up to their marriage issues and blamed it on the producers only showing the bad moments.

That’s probably true but I still smell a divorce on the horizon so that Mark can throw down with his Roundup buddies. I just feel sorry for his daughter Zuri who is gonna have to watch this when she’s older and see that her dad really didn’t give a shit about her.

When the group was done discussing Mark and Cary’s marriage, Andy rolled the package of Cary talking about Rich’s package and all the other gossip surrounding the husbands of the show. It must have been awkward watching it in front of Mark. LeeAnne did apologise for her Roundup comment but wouldn’t give up the shady source that divulged the information to her. While LeeAnne was on her apology tour, she also said sorry for saying that Mark was a chop shop doctor because she was only trying to hurt Cary after she heard that she called her doctor a “vagina doctor” when she actually called him an OGBYN. HA! What’s the difference, it’ s just the professional name?

Brandi claimed that she wasn’t trying to stir the pot which is a barrel of bullshit. Come on, that’s how she kept her spot on the show. The topic of Rich’s package also popped up (see what I did there) and Cary spilled the tea that she did apologise personally to him and said that she only said it because she was hurt by LeeAnne’s comments. Are you seeing a pattern here? Andy Cohen certainly did and identified that both LeeAnne and Cary are hurting each other and then reacting. LeeAnne also said she’s sick of acting like an idiot and then watching it back. Does that mean she’s done with the show? Let’s say a little prayer that this carny never leaves.

The next clip that rolled was Brandi and Cary’s dramatic relationship this season. Right out of the gate Mark maintained that he never had an affair with Cary and then he started saying that he has known her for 18 years, she’s worked for him for 15 and they’ve been married for 8. Is this a Housewives reunion or a maths class? The nanny drama got brought up and Brandi confessed that Mark’s grown daughter had told her that Cary used to babysit her and she interpreted it as them having an affair, she cried and apologised but I don’t feel that Brandi had to own up to the two faced flip flopping that she’s done this season. Of course LeeAnne Locken felt vindicated that there was more evidence to verify her claims that they had an affair. Cary forgave Brandi but of course the trust is gone.

The final part of the reunion was filled with LeeAnne and Brandi’s new found friendship this season. Brandi said after watching LeeAnne’s behaviour that she realised that she didn’t want to be around negative energy but Kameron reminded her that she is negative energy. Now that is a read, I am loving Kameron’s little comments at this reunion. D’Andra tried to make the other couch realise that LeeAnne isn’t actually going to kill them and that she is joking and then the Brandi opened her stupid red head mouth and said that all D’Andra does is make excuses for LeeAnne. Little Miss Redmond obviously doesn’t watch the show because D’Andra calls LeeAnne out all the time for her bad behaviour. That really got me fired up, and I’m predicting a Brandi and D’Andra beef in season 3. D’Andra shared that she isn’t close with Brandi and had the idea that maybe Stephanie should discipline her friend instead of enabling her, like she does with LeeAnne.

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