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RHOC Recap: Reunion, Part 1 [Episode 20]

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author (Good Tea), and they do not reflect in any way those of

For the twelfth time, the OC ladies gathered around to discuss their drama filled season. Andy started the day off with his awkward hellos and all these women’s faces look tight. They must all being getting coupons from the same plastic surgeon. The first package was all about the “fun” that was had this season.

The fun part of the reunion is always boring but they have to warm us up somehow. Shannon’s daughter got a BMW when she passed her drivers test which makes me lose points for Shannon because I’ll be 65 before I can afford my own car. A fan also said that Shannon was the best dressed drag king which is good because when Shannon dresses up, she dresses ALL THE WAY UP.

Andy asked Peggy to explain why she doesn’t understand the english language and she made everyone more confused than they were watching her all season. I have no idea how she made it onto this show. Not to be racist, but there should be a rule that you have to speak english to be on one of these shows.

The next clip was all about Vicki. To be honest, I could’ve done without that. She said that she doesn’t even want to say Brooks name anymore, but just because you won’t say his name doesn’t hide his City of Hope scandal. To summarise Vicki’s segment: Steve still hasn’t proposed, Vicki is still in good health, Briana is having another operation and she hasn’t moved to North Dakota with Ryan yet. Tamra also spilled the tea that Briana texted her when the Iceland episodes aired because it took her back to the good old days of Vicki and Tamra’s friendship. Aw, I love seeing Tamra and Briana more than I love her with Vicki.

Next up was Lydia and it was more dramatic than I expected. Her segment mainly focused around her behaviour at the Drag King Bingo night. The resident christian of the show stated that she is not homophobic and that she was only uncomfortable because of the psychic and the constant talk about sex that night. Didn’t Lydia spend a whole episode talking about how good sex with her husband is?  Lydia also dropped the bomb that Shannon retweeted something saying that she is homophobic which Shannon couldn’t recall but Bravo provided us with a recipept in the form of a screenshot. I honestly don’t think that Shannon would remember retweeting a random tweet.

Meghan also came out of the woodwork to come for Lydia over her aversion to psychics and even told her to use her brain and stop listening to the bible. Wow. Meghan is really trying to hold on to her orange for next season. Lydia tried to drag Shannon by saying that she denied all her requests to hang out after filming ended but Shannon set her straight by reminding Lydia about all the times that she called her crazy this season. Go Shannon! Oh and Doug still has his balls contrary to Lydia saying that he got them cut off and now she might want another kid. UGH!

Kelly dished on her divorce with Michael and she’s sad that they aren’t together, but things just weren’t working out. He is 16 years older than her, which makes me think: is he closer in age with her mom Bobbi? Maybe Michael and Bobbi should hookup because Kelly said they were basically the same person. Kelly’s daughter Jolie is doing good with the split but Tamra told her to be cautious about talking shit about Michael in front of her daughter because that’s one of the reasons that Tamra’s family has been ripped apart. Kelly also reflected on her making up and making out with Shannon on St Patrick’s Day. Maybe these two could be late in life lesbians since they are both getting divorced. Now THAT would be a storyline!

Tamra talked about her estrangement with her daughter Sidney and admitted that Sidney asked her not to post a photo of her graduation, but once stories started coming out that Tamra wasn’t invited she wanted to set the rumours straight. Tamra cried for a bit over he strained relationship with her daughter but the conversation changed pace when she confessed that Ryan and Sarah have officially been broken up for six weeks because she has a new boyfriend. Now that is one messy relationship, maybe it’s a cautionary tale of why not to have kids with someone that you just met on Instagram. They also talked about how Tamra is 50 years old and she looks THAT good. She did gift herself with a facelift but Tamra looks snatched. Tamra, Cynthia and Siggy all turned 50 on their shows this year and they all look great. Money well spent. Tamra said her next operation that she would treat herself with might be the vaginal rejunvation that Kelly got because she always pees herself, remember Iceland? In that case maybe Vicki should get it as well.

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