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RHOC Recap: Reunion, Part Two [Episode 21]

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author (Good Tea), and they do not reflect in any way those of

For the second part of the reunion we picked up where we left off. After the group broke for lunch, they returned to their couches and the conversation turned to Shannon Beador's erratic behaviour all season long. Lydia brought up their feud and Shannon suggested that Lydia only picked a fight with her because she knew she would react and she needed to be relevant on the show. Good thinking Shannon.

Peggy also thought she was owed an apology from Shannon because she referred to her as "that one." Really Peggy? No she is REALLY reaching. The resident Armenian of the group believed that it was disrespectful to say that, but Meghan stepped in and reminded her that it was disrespectful to clip her lips. Ugh. If it was so disrespectful Meghan WHY didn't you say something at the time? Shannon also stated that her behaviour was so crazy because of her strained marriage, which we all knew.

The next package was about Meghan and her dumb baby. Cry me a river. She announced that she is one month pregnant with a baby boy, which she probably thought was a convenient way to try and secure her spot for next season but I think it's confirmation that she is never getting that orange back. I don't know ONE person who wants to sit through that mindless baby crap again. You thought she was bad about that baby this season? Imagine a season where she is pregnant and a new mom at the same time. I'll pass.

The conversation moved over to Kelly and Meghan's text war which started because Meghan asked Kelly if she had a boyfriend and Kelly retaliated by saying that Jimmy was cheating on Meghan. Andy asked Meghan why it was different and she said that she went to the source (Kelly), so Kelly should of gone to the source who was Jimmy. That is such a load of steamy horse shit. If Kelly had asked Jimmy, Meghan's hormonal pregnant ass would of cried and had a bitch fit. I'm not buying that for a second and I don't think Andy did either. Kelly and Meghan's feud was reignited in the off season when Kelly tweeted that Meghan was Jimmy's mistress. Messy King Edmonds denied it, but I am drinking the tea that Kelly is spilling.

Next up was Peggy Sulahian, or as a fan called her: The Armenian Alexis Bellino. I can't believe I didn't realise until now, but they are exactly the same person. They both have controlling husbands, brag about their money, play the victim and talk about God way too much. Bravo literally rehired a less entertaining Alexis this season. Peggy also said that Diko isn't controlling up that he is just protective. The newbie also said that her dad died and she got her double mastectomy a month before filming started so that's why she was so weird. Maybe if you had two major life events happen to you in the space of a month you wouldn't join an invasive reality show. I feel bad for her, but I still don't want her back. She cried in Armenian for a bit but it wasn't long before Andy wrapped up her time on the show.

Finally the ladies started talking about their Iceland trip. Kelly spilled the tea (which we had previously reported) that she had given Vicki Adderall and Xanax which caused her faux heart attack. Vicki basically went from being on a high to being on a low and obviously her Coto insurance body couldn't handle it. The ladies also tried to indulge Lydia and talk about that stupid text message drama, which I think solidified that she isn't coming back. If anything, this reunion made it clear that Meghan, Lydia and Peggy are D-O-N-E! Andy brought up the Vikings dinner in Iceland and Peggy played the victim for being ganged up on, even though she was the one who brought up Baby Aspen crying. She also didn't seem to understand that Kelly only brought up their dads, because Peggy brought up their husbands. Someone should have gifted Peggy with a dictionary at this reunion.

The rest of the reunion was ALL about Vicki, Tamra and Shannon. I forgot that anyone else was even on those couches. Tamra yelled at Vicki for spreading rumours about her marriage all season long and Vicki was still upset that she was being called a con woman because she still isn't admitting to be in on Brooks' cancer scam. Shannon confessed that she was protective over Tamra becoming Vicki's friend because she had been getting the crying phone calls every time Vicki would leak a new story. Tamra also jabbed at Vicki for obviously staging her birthday party. Vicki and Kelly denied it, but let's use our brains here.

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