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Kenya Moore Says ‘No One’s Excited For Kim Zolciak-Biermann To Be Back’ On RHOA!

Kenya Moore talks about the return of Kim Zolciak-Biermann on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. “The truth is, no one is excited for Kim to be back on the show,” Moore tells Us Weekly, explaining that before last season, she had no problem with the Don't Be Tardy star.

“I’ve said, ‘I like Kim, I know that she’s not on the show anymore but she seems like a straightforward girl and I like a girl who’s straightforward,'” she adds. “Flash forward to her just basically going out in the world and saying she hates me and all these terrible things.”

If you recall in the Season 10 trailer, Moore tells Zolciak that she is “pimping out” her daughter Brielle.

“I don’t watch her show to know how she parents. I only know what I’ve read,” Moore told the publication. “I only know the things that I’ve actually known to be true, like her smoking while pregnant. While obviously that is not something that a pregnant woman should do. Also the whole world saw her go online and say, ‘Who does Brielle have to blow to get John Legend tickets?’ That’s her daughter. And you’re talking about a sexual act just to get tickets, so that is what I said to Kim.”

As for where they stand today, Moore reiterated that she’s baffled by the entire situation. “I don’t understand Kim, I don’t think I ever will and I really don’t like what I’ve seen of her because I was a fan,” she tells Us Weekly. “Emphasis on ‘was’.”

Photo Credit: Bravo