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Kandi Burruss Admits She Considered Leaving RHOA After Last Season’s Explosive Reunion!

Kandi Burruss reveals that she and her husband Todd Tucker almost considered quitting The Real Housewives of Atlanta after last season’s reunion special of the Bravo hit reality series. “For a second, we had thought about throwing up the deuces and saying goodbye,” Burruss admits to Us Weekly.

“Last season after the reunion, I was really kind of done and I was really kind of thinking maybe I should go on about my business.”

However, after the network reiterated how much they supported her, she decided to stay. As for her husband, she says, he’ll always stand by the choices she makes.

Following the end of that season, she also reveals, she never spoke to Phaedra Parks again — and she never plans to. At last year’s reunion, Parks was caught in a huge lie that after repeating something to Porsha Williams, that turned out to be untrue. “Absolutely not,” she answers when asked if she has an interest in patching things up.

Now she’s friends with most of the ladies on the show. Burruss says the only lady on the cast she doesn’t consider a friend is Williams, but they can “co-exist” on the show. Other than that, she’s not worried about much. “If I can make it through last season, I can make it through anything,” she says.

Burruss also weighs in on the mystery of Kenya Moore‘s marriage, as many of their cast members questioned the legitimacy of it in the Season 10 trailer — but Burruss stays on Moore’s side.

“I side with Kenya on that situation just because she has had so much drama over the years about her boyfriends,” she explains.”I can understand why she didn’t want to necessarily share it with everybody from the beginning because a lot of people have nice things to say about her relationship. So even though I wish I could have been there when she got married, however she chooses to do it, that’s her business. And he’s a really nice guy. I have since met him after the fact. But I’m on her side on this one.”

Photo Credit: Bravo