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Kameron Westcott: “My Issue With Brandi And Stephanie Is Not About Zip Code — It’s About Character”

Kameron Westcott is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Kameron Westcott dishes on her first RHOD reunion and explains why she's Team LeeAnne. Why did you stick up for LeeAnne to Stephanie about the flesh-eating bacteria, and in general?

Kameron Westcott: I believe what you see in the confessionals is who you really are and how you feel behind closed doors. When the mask comes off...I’ve noticed some are nice to your face and mean behind your back, and they kind of remind me of a villain from Batman — what was the name? I just don’t understand why Stephanie would think a flesh-eating bacteria is even funny. People die every day from having bacterial infections like this. It is super sad to me! I stick up for LeeAnne because I think the other girls take advantage of her weakness and constantly use it against her instead of getting to know her and finding out that she is a great person beyond her flaws.  What were you thinking when Andy asked you about the pink dog food and the poop? Such a classic hilarious reunion moment!

KW: I am so proud of SparkleDog! We’re getting close to selling out our first batch, and the response has been unbelievable! It took so much research and development (which unfortunately did not make the cut), but I thought Andy’s face was hilarious. I’m glad we made the adjustment so that dogs and their owners still had a pop of pink in their lives! Why do you think that Brandi keeps bringing up the zip code thing? Do you feel like you bring it up a lot?  

KW: Simply put, she’s deflecting the root issue. My issue with Brandi and Stephanie is not about zip code — it’s about character. They don’t want to admit that their actions are trashy, and they would rather try to deflect and make it an issue about zip code when it’s really an issue of how grown women should act. They put eggs in inappropriate places, bring sex toys at five-star resorts in public, burp, dance in their farts, and make poop jokes…if that’s not trashy, then please educate me on what trashy is??  In general, you had a lot of great one-liners — did you plan the Oscar the Grouch moment?

KW: Ha, I did not plan on saying it, but I️ thought, “Okay, if I'm Big Bird, then what character would Brandi be?” I️ thought about Miss Piggy since she has the curly hair deal going on, but unlike Brandi, I'm not into body shaming, so when I️ remembered that Oscar lived in a trash can, I️ knew I️ had my winner. (Miss Piggy was my favorite in Sesame Street). Do you ever feel uncomfortable around LeeAnne like some of the other ladies? What do you think about the ladies saying this? 

KW:  Except for the glass breaking incident, I have never felt uncomfortable around LeeAnne. LeeAnne is like a mirror; if you’re kind and honest, you get the same back. But if you are hostile and hurtful towards her, the reflection ain’t pretty. Do you feel LeeAnne is really trying to change? 

KW: 100%. She owns her flaws and is in therapy, and it is admirable. What were you thinking when you found out Mark was going to be on the set? What did you think of LeeAnne’s walk off? 

KW: Mixed emotions. On one hand, I was angry because we were told that it was a closed set, but on the other hand, Mark had a very tough year and deserved a chance to defend himself. It just would have been fairer to the other girls if they knew in advance.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo