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Joanna Krupa Comes To Jeremy Piven’s Defense Amid Sexual Assault Allegations; Says Some Women Are ‘Taking Advantage’ Of The Harvey Weinstein Scandal!

Joanna Krupa comes to Jeremy Piven defense amid allegations of sexual harassment and voiced her beliefs that women speaking out against Harvey Weinstein may not have the best intentions. “I love Jeremy Piven, like I’ve known Jeremy Piven for a very long time,” the former Real Housewives of Miami alum star told The Blast outside of L.A.’s Craig’s restaurant. ‘He’s like the nicest f—king guy I’ve ever met.”

The Polish model explained why she believes that women who have come forward and accused Weinstein of sexual misconduct may not be genuine. “So I think people are taking advantage of the whole situation with Weinstein, and they’re trying to make a living or they’re trying to get famous,” Krupa said, before reaffirming her support for Piven. “Jeremy never did anything wrong to me. He’s always been an amazing friend to me, so I support him.”

Added the model: “I knew about Harvey Weinstein over 10 years ago. Do I have any issues with him? No. I hope this whole situation gets better and people in Hollywood actually get hired for their talent.”

As previously reported, former reality star Ariana Bellamar came forward on Monday, October 30, and alleged that Piven sexually assaulted her on the set of Entourage and at the Playboy Mansion. The Wisdom of the Crowd actor denied the claims in a statement to Us Weekly, saying, “I unequivocally deny the appalling allegations being peddled about me. It did not happen.”

Last year Bellamar made headlines when she revealed that she was fired the The Real Housewives of Toronto for being pregnant. According to Bellamar, she got axed from the show because her pregnancy didn’t co-ordinate with the show’s shooting schedule.

In an interview with TMZ, Bellamar, who is best known from the reality show “Beverly Hills Nanny” says that she’s nearly nine months pregnant, but learned that her doctor needed to shift the date of her C-section by a week — when she was supposed to have been attending an “all-cast retreat.”

Even though her pregnancy and the birth of her child were planned to be part of the show’s first-season storyline, Bellamar alleged that she received a letter of termination the same day she informed producers of the date change.

“I am absolutely going to take legal action against the production company,” Bellamar says in the video interview, below, adding, “This is inhumane.”

Transcript courtesy via Us Weekly

Photo Credit: Bravo