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Erika Jayne Gets Parody Treatment On Saturday Night Live — Watch It Here!

Erika Girardi's singing persona Erika Jayne has made it into the big leagues since her character recently got parodied during a recent sketch on NBC's Saturday Night Live. The hilarious sketch centered around a group of lawyers "serving Ally McBeal realness."

While this character is named Candace, it's obvious that it was inspired by The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills pop singer.

There were a few more hints that pointed to Erika as the inspiration. Like, for instance, the fact that Candace and her hubby met in Mykonos. As you might recall, Erika headed to Mykonos last season on RHOBH. And then Candace busted out an incredible and sassy performance that felt a little Erika Jayne-ish, reports Bravo's The Daily Dish.

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Photo Credit: NBC