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D’Andra Simmons Explains Why She Thinks It’s ‘Ridiculous’ And ‘Stupid’ That Brandi, Cary And Stephanie ‘Keep Pedaling About Feeling Unsafe Around’ LeeAnne Locken!

D’Andra Simmons is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on last week's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. D’Andra Simmons shares her thoughts on all the drama that went down at Part 1 of RHOD Season 2 reunion.

D’Andra writes:

"REUNION is HERE! Actually, Momma Dee calls it “homecoming!” Gotta love my mom — she always makes up her own names for things. In this case, it kind of makes sense, because we came home to our boss, Andy Cohen, to hash out the last 12 weeks of #RHOD. And some of us didn’t exactly walk away Prom Queen! Only one of us was allowed to have a date, and between those two, it was difficult to tell who was King and who was Queen. Now on to MY Reunion Part 1.

During Part 1 of the Reunion, I did voice my opinion throughout, and most of the time specifically at Andy’s request that I give MY opinion on a topic. When I did speak, it was kind of like that old commercial for E.F. Hutton — people listened! 

When I said that Stephanie doesn’t have a boss bitch attitude like me, I meant that she is not very strong. My mom would call her weak. For some reason, she is confident and sassy in her confessionals, but in a one-on-one conversation, she avoids conflict. Case in point, LeeAnne dressing up as Two-Faced Stephanie and going to her Halloween party. If I were in Stephanie’s shoes, LeeAnne would have been out on the curb in a split second.

A boss bitch doesn’t need her husband’s approval to do things (but family decisions like buying a home should always be mutual, Travis). I was calling out the fact that, as many have noticed throughout the season, Stephanie is unable to make her own decisions. In fact, it seems throughout the season, Brandi and Cary have directed Stephanie as they see fit. I would not have needed my husband’s approval to kick LeeAnne out our house, but Stephanie apparently did. Why would I continue to entertain someone who is taking advantage of my kindness by making fun of me?

Travis talks down to Stephanie on a regular basis by throwing his "breadwinner" status in her face. And Stephanie may be getting back at her husband for purchasing a house without her approval by spending a lot of his money on renovations, but trust me, Travis is paying for a lot more than just a house, so this is one husband who is happy to oblige. I hope Stephanie gets tough and learns to NOT let people push her around. It’s great to be sweet but not so great to be gullible!

And speaking of husbands, I LOVED it when Andy was reading all the commentary about my husband, Jeremy! I am glad that everyone finds him as sexy as I do. He is one HOTT husband, and he has a heart of gold. It’s hard to find a mate with both. He’s the whole package, and he doesn’t let his looks or his fame as a photojournalist go to his head. He adores me, and I am very lucky to have found him. He brings me down to earth and grounds me when I need it. His looks are only outmatched by his kindness and fun-loving personality. Keep the comments coming! My #RealHottHusband is just that — MY husband. He is HOT, and he is REAL, and I love that about him. Luckily for America and the world, they get some reality EYE CANDY every now and then thanks to Jeremy Lock! Hahaha!

If you noticed in the honest tea episode when LeeAnne started on her tirade about her past and her upbringing, I jumped on the defense and told her to stop. This is not because I don’t believe her past or her “PTSD” is legitimate, but I know from watching Season 1 and now living out the last year that the more she brings that out as a reason for her bad behavior, the less the ladies respect her. LeeAnne has her issues from her past, and so do I. I’m proud that she’s been seeking help to work through them, but when she uses them to explain why she acts a certain way, the ladies see it as deflecting. In reality, it truly is the root cause of the behavior, but like the boy who cried wolf, the more she explains it that way, the less validity the ladies see in it. When I said that she uses her PTSD when it’s convenient, it was a little harsh — I will admit. I know she’s troubled by her past, but I believe her constant dwelling on it and her suffering harms her more than helps with this group.

To that end, it’s ridiculous to me that Cary, Brandi, and Stephanie keep pedaling this nonsense about feeling unsafe around LeeAnne. It’s stupid. LeeAnne is not a threat to anyone, and these girls are just perpetuating this story to continue to fight with LeeAnne and show her in a negative light. As someone who has known her for YEARS, I know that her hands are for flipping the bird and apparently LMAO “pie making” (which is so NOT true — she can’t cook!), not for strangling. This police report of a sandpaper-wielding Locken is just an envious woman’s sad attempt to hurt LeeAnne. Good job, Marie — thanks for giving more fuel for these girls to antagonize LeeAnne. Karma is a Bitch, and not a Boss Bitch like me. You’ve got it coming to you! Let me say this: I feel safer with LeeAnne’s hands than with my back turned to some of these ladies...

Speaking of backstabbing, let’s discuss the conversation behind closed doors with LeeAnne and Brandi. Am I surprised that after the tape was checked Brandi had said nothing to spark LeeAnne’s “hands” monologue? Yes, I am. What I will say though YET AGAIN is that Brandi brought up Cary’s comments about LeeAnne’s doctor in the car ride to the procedure. When someone is on the way to surgery, you should never bring up a negative conversation, especially when LeeAnne was already freaking out about her procedure. When you add in prescribed drugs, the mind can be its own funhouse at the fair. What she said was not okay. Was it a threat of murder? HAHA, no. Was it inappropriate? Obviously, which I have said countless times, but I don’t blame LeeAnne for having a medically-induced outburst. Cary had been very condescending to her in regards to her impending medical procedure, attempting to discredit her doctor with her knowledge as a "medical professional" (please save my ears from having to hear that one more time as well as "my body is a temple"). All parties involved (Brandi, Cary, and LeeAnne) made mistakes and are at fault here.

And now we get to the real kicker of Part 1 of the reunion. Kameron Westcott, LeeAnne, and I had all been told that the reunion filming was closed. It was VERY shocking when Andy said that Mark would be joining us. As you could tell, Cary was SO distraught that she flew into a rage when I questioned why Mark was allowed to be there. Gotta love an adult temper tantrum! Mark’s entrance definitely upset our side of the couch. 

Of course, LeeAnne walked off. Was it fair for Cary to have Mark there? No, it wasn’t at all.

On to happier news! REAL NEWS, NOT FAKE NEWS, L-22 Elixir has been delivered and is at our headquarters. And, most importantly, Momma Dee approves of the final revised formula! We sent out our first shipment of orders this past week. At first impression, the reviews are coming in, and people are loving it! It is the ultimate and next generation in anti-aging with 6 active ingredients. Lord knows I need it in this group. They definitely give me some Hard Nights and not so Good Mornings!"

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