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Siggy Flicker: “I Get A Little Excited At Times. So, Stay Tuned For The Fireworks!”

Siggy Flicker is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's Season 8 premiere episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Siggy Flicker talks about the trip to Boca Raton and reacts to Margaret Josephs "side comments and defends her friendship with Kim D. 

Siggy writes:

"My thoughts and prayers are with Las Vegas, my heart is broken but through the tears we need to provide strength to the victims and those in need. Posting this blog is bitter sweet. While I looked forward to delving into the episode and hearing your feedback, my excitement is overshadowed by haunting images that continue to emerge from Las Vegas. Although the show must go on, it goes on without the usual enthusiasm.

While it is gratifying to see Teresa and her brother in such a good place, the passing of their mother Antonia was devastating. Gia said it best when she said “she was the glue that stuck our family together.” I wonder if Teresa realizes her description of Antonia is exactly how I describe Teresa.

I approached this season and the Boca trip with the best intentions. I wanted to show my friends a good time and welcome Margaret with open arms. Spoiler alert: it didn’t go as planned.

So here I being loud is old news. I mean come on, my tagline said it all: "Some people think I'm too much. They're absolutely right!" I owned it then and I'm owning it now. I’m still passionate. I’m still loud. I’m still looking to empower those around me. No one does me better than I do.

You finally meet Michael Campanella! He is my rock, my voice of reason, my everything. He celebrates my successes and encourages me to conquer the world. I want everyone to find their Michael Campanella.

I’m glad you were given a glimpse into my professional appearances. I love talking to people, inspiring them and giving them a fresh perspective on LOVE and LIFE! It’s my passion, my obsession. If you are interested in meeting me as much as I am you, please check out my appearance schedule, I promise you will not be disappointed.

As soon as I learned that Margaret would be in Palm Beach the same time as our girls’ trip to Boca, I immediately invited her to join me and my friends and meet us for dinner. It’s what friends do.

It was not until I watched the episode that I heard Margaret say, “Should I frame this over my fireplace?" during the book signing portion of my event. Why make such a snide comment about my book behind my back? It’s not what friend’s do.

Boca is my second home. My babies were born there. I spent 10 years living there. I have all my “mommy and me” friends there. I love it there and still have a home there where I visit monthly. As soon as Teresa said she was overwhelmed, I knew it was the perfect destination to lighten her burden. I was going to make the getaway perfect with stellar accommodations, great food and an elegant birthday for Melissa. What could possibly go wrong?

We were three hours late for dinner at New York Prime. My friends and the restaurant staff waited for us to arrive...for three hours. I was soooo excited to see close friends and grateful they waited. I mean, could Michael Jackson or Madonna get New York Prime to wait three hours? Was I excited walking into dinner at New York Prime? Yes. Was it all in fun? Of course. I want everyone to have a good time. I thought the night went well. When I extended another invitation for Margaret to join us for Melissa’s birthday dinner, I had no idea Margaret had been muttering about me. 

When Danielle arrived for breakfast, it became evident that the group dynamic was about to change. I just didn’t know how much. The "relaxing trip" to Boca took a turn to the dark side when the ladies brought up Kim D. Kim D is a friend. I met her in April 2011 -- YEARS before I knew Melissa or Danielle. My relationship with Kim has nothing to do with them or their history. I don’t kiss anyone’s ass and I’m not scared of Kim. Newsflash Melissa, my friendships are based on mutual respect.  

The strained group dynamic intensified at Melissa’s birthday celebration. I had asked the women for advice about balancing my work events and my relationship with Michael because I wanted to get a variety of perspectives based on their different experiences. My husband is not controlling by any means. He wants to spend as much time with me as possible because he enjoys being with me. Even though it's tough for me to balance my home life with my professional obligations, I can't deny that I am lucky to have options when it comes to my schedule.

I didn't expect to be needled until the topic morphed into Michael is controlling. Margaret had NOT even met my husband when she said, "I looked up man in the dictionary. I didn't see the picture of Michael Campanella there." As to her commentary about the dictionary, get an unabridged version because Michael Campanella can be found under “perfect man” thank you very much. He lays molding solely for me.

Aside from the obvious digs tainting the trip, something I said was difficult to watch "I think I'm the most talented human being on the face of the earth." I understand how it comes across and believe me, I cringe when I watch it played back. The comment was taken out of context. Am I the most talented person on the earth? Of course not, but it was said tongue in cheek in the context of the evening to lighten the mood. Yes, I do think I'm great at what I do and I think Dolores is great at what she does, and I think Teresa is great at what she does, and Melissa is great at what she does...and you are great at what you do, etc.

The birthday cake. Oh that beautiful cake. It was a tribute to the birthday girl. I was so proud and grateful to the award winning pastry chef Jordi Panisello at The Boca Hotel & Resort for creating it. He paid attention to every detail and I can only imagine how many hours he spent creating it so I could present it to Melissa. I can’t describe how my heart sank when the cake and the silver platter were thrown across the restaurant. Like discarded garbage.

As soon as Teresa realized how upset I was, she apologized. It’s what friends do.

Earlier I told you what I am. Let me tell you what I’m NOT. I’m not a backstabber. I’m not jealous of others. I’m not malicious. I’m not calculating. I’m not mean. I’m not manipulative. I’m not an opportunist. I’m not an ass kisser. I’m not scared or riddled with entitlement issues. As you see, I get a little excited at times. So, stay tuned for the fireworks!

I am thankful for all the fans that tuned in for the Season 8 premiere and continue to support the show. With all that said, if you are reading this, ask yourself "What is your passion?" and once you find it, be the best at what you do!"

What do you think about Siggy’s blog?

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo