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RHOC Recap: An Unexpected Thaw [Episode 16]

This is going to be a quick recap because everything that happened in the episode was already shown in the promo. Nothing new or exciting happened and frankly, I would have preferred a double sitting of Dallas than watch this.

The ladies touched down in Iceland and went straight to shopping. All these Californian girls were in awe of Iceland but it just looked like a sad, grey town. Sorry to all my Iceland readers, but I don't get the hype! While the girls were shopping Shannon made everyone aware that she gained weight and had to buy the bigger sizes. For Shannon's sake I am happy that the girls are in a cold place because I couldn't bare watching Shannon cry about wearing a bikini on a beach somewhere. Tamra and Vicki were also getting along and having fun together. I love the irony that the girls had to head to one of the coldest places in the world in order to thaw their relationship.

The girls spent way to much money on winter clothing and then headed to their resort which seemed like it was in the middle of nowhere. There could be a massacre there and it would take years for the locals to find out. Mmm, I'm surprised no one killed each other in this crew. All their rooms were fancy and decked out in different themes from all over the world. Even though I wasn't a fan Iceland, that hotel was pretty cool. Vicki and Tamra reminisced about their past trips together which reminded me that these two girls have been on so many places together. It really was fun seeing them get along especially since they both know how to woop it up on vacation. I feel like Tamra got sick of only hanging around Shannon for 3 months and remembered all the fun her and Vicki used to have. These two girls don't have to best friends but they should at least be fun and civil for the sake of the show.

Once everyone was unpacked, the group with the exception of Tamra and Shannon had fermented shots outside in the 9pm sun. Yep, in Iceland there is 22 hours of sun. The girls all gagged over their shots and then headed inside to debrief on the plans for the next day. Lydia was upset because she had realised that Tamra accidentally left her off the group text but no one seemed to give a single fuck. After day one the Iceland trip is showing a promising beginning, maybe this can be the trip to redeem this terrible season.

The next morning, everyone woke up to the never-ending sun and headed off to go ATV riding. Shannon seized the opportunity to sport her vikings hat, which gave me major flashbacks to last years "eat up" green t-shirt. True fans know what I'm talking about. The girls rode on their ATV's and managed not to have a repeat of last years Glamis drama. They rode along a black beach which was mind blowing. It really did look like an entirely different world.

After their ATV expedition the girls went and had lunch next to a water fall. Shannon had caught wind that Lydia was upset about no being included in the group text that Tamra made. Lydia got heated about being left out and made a massive scene by throwing her menu and running into the toilet to cry, then came back to the table and said it was no big deal. What the fuck? I can't believe that OC has gotten so bad that they are fighting over group chats like they are in middle school. This BS could never fly over in New York and Atlanta. The girls all went for a walk over to the waterfall and Vicki decided to try and use her wisdom to make Lydia talk it out with Tamra. Miss Gunvalson is walking on eggshells at this point because she knows if she makes one wrong step that Shannon and Tamra will go back to hating her. Tamra and Lydia somewhat talked out their over exaggerated beef and everyone loaded back into the minivan to hike a glacier.

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