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Real Housewives Of Toronto Star Roxy Earle Opens Up About Her #MySizeRox Campaign!

Roxy Earle is opening up about what beauty means to her and about her "My Size Rox " campaign. The Real Housewives of Toronto star, who has become an active plus-size model for Addition Elle is breaking down barriers as a body activist on social media.

Roxy revealed where her love for fashion comes from. “I got my love of style from my mother’s womb. I was just born into fashion and into fabulous things,” she told Toronto Life. I’ve always just had a zest for fashion—a zest for life.”

So what's Roxy's earliest memory of dressing up? “When I was little, my mom had a friend who sang backup for Eric Clapton. She had incredible outfits! We’d visit her in London every summer, and she would give me all these stage clothes. I would come back to my life in Toronto, and I’d go out to play with my friends wearing these sequined outfits that she wore on the stage.”

Earle, who was recently named one of the new Best Dressed honourees and was featured in Toronto Life Stylebook's fashion fall issue along with  fitness and lifestyle blog Sasha Exeter, reveals why her campaign "My Size Rox" is important to her.

“Through social media, I’ve been able to build connections with women all over the world who write to me about body confidence, about self esteem, about dressing their curves—and about how seeing someone like me on TV has made them feel empowered,” she told Toronto Life.

“I started a campaign where I’ve asked women to tag me in their photos with #MySizeRox, where they’re really embracing their curves, their size, their non-curves, their height, whatever it is. I feel very honored to represent women who have felt really ignored when it comes to fashion and beauty. I see it my mission. Embrace who you are, as you are, right now and just rock it.”

So what does true beauty mean to Roxy? “A woman is beautiful to me when she’s kind, when she’s compassionate, when she’s humble and when she sees beauty in other people for things that have nothing to do with what’s on the outside. I honestly just believe women, when they’re nice to one another and very kind, they’re the most powerful creatures in this world.”

Makeup by: Sephora National Pro Lead Artist Lou Swinden Payne
Photography/Source: Vanessa Heins via Toronto Life