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Peggy Sulahian Addresses Homophobic Claims And Confirms She’s Appearing On WWHL Next Week!

Peggy Sulahian has been accused of being homophobic by gay her brother Pol' Atteu and his friends after claiming that she allegedly banned him and his partner Patrik Simpson from attending their father's funeral due to to their sexual orientation. However, during a recent interview, Peggy is denying such claims and reveals why she decided to join The Real Housewives of Orange County.

"We have been estranged for more than 20 years. He was informed of our father’s passing and was present at the funeral," Sulahian told the HuffPost regarding the homophobic claims and her estranged relationship to her brother. "There were many people there to attest to this fact. Regarding the allegations of homophobia, perhaps actions speak louder than words. I am surrounded by people of every race, faith and lifestyle choice​, so the answer is clearly NO.​"

Peggy also set the record straight about why she hasn't appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, and Peggy makes it clear that she wasn't avoiding the show due to homophobic rumors and reveals that she recuperating from surgery at the beginning of the season. She was therefore unable to attend the NYC live show at that time.

"No, scheduling did not permit it earlier, said Peggy. "I am looking forward to going on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Monday, October 2nd. I love Andy and his personality and can’t wait to finally meet him! And of course I will be at the reunion, isn’t it all about the reunion anyway?!!"

The Armenian beauty also revealed her reasons of joining the Bravo hit reality series. "My hopes were to gain friends and support in this time in need. I underwent a massive surgery and started filming 5 weeks after my double mastectomy. At the same time, I was also dealing with my father’s deteriorating health and later, his passing. Prioritizing him was more important than my health. He did not even know about my situation. After his death, I was scheduled for a double mastectomy right after. You will see in the coming weeks but I was surprised by the ladies lack of support of what I was going through. Most of the ladies have not yet shown any concern, but yet have only interrogated me about my health."

Peggy also set the record straight in concerns of her health. "I hope to embolden women to take an active role in their health, especially, breast health. I would like to raise awareness for breast cancer and screenings. Nothing is 100% so it is imperative that we get checked regularly and not rely simply on one test or another," she told HuffPost.

"I was tested ​for the BRACA gene​ and my tests came back negative. Since my mom had cancer, I was diligent in continuing testing whether by mammogram, thermogram, blood work, etc. During one of my exams, a small mass was detected. It was biopsied and confirmed for cancer. As such, and with fear it would spread quickly, I consulted a few oncologists and determined the best course of action was to treat it aggressively and have a double mastectomy. I was scheduled for implants after a period of healing."

Peggy also teases what fans can expect the remainder of the season. "The season picks up during Iceland, but before then you can see how the women think they can attack me as a newcomer. They didn’t know what they were getting themselves into. I did warn them that I don’t like to be disrespected! - I guess that’s the motherly instinct that I have in me."

Photo Credit: Bravo