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Kameron Westcott: “I Think LeeAnne Is Being Taken Advantage Of!”

Kameron Westcott is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Kameron Westcott feels like LeeAnne Locken is being taken advantage of by Brandi Redmond. What is going through your mind watching this scene where LeeAnne Locken has a hot mic moment? What do you think about it?
Kameron Westcott: I think LeeAnne is being taken advantage of!! This is horrible! :(  Brandi…what are you getting LeeAnne into?? After watching this footage I think Brandi wanted to drive LeeAnne to the doctor to get information out of her somehow and this saddens me! Brandi was asking way too many personal questions and it just was not the right time or place to be doing this! Do you think Brandi should have called and toldCary Deuber?
KW: I don't think it was bad that Brandi told Cary...because it's so ridiculous and outrageous how could one even believe this? Did Brandi tell Cary that she was taking advantage of LeeAnne and she was led through a conversation which we only heard one side of? What were they even talking about to get to this conversation? It’s hard to even believe this took place when we don’t know what was even being talked about at this time. We sadly are only hearing one side of the story so I can’t even give a full opinion because I don’t even know how this conversation even got started!! As a mom what do you think about Cary and Stephanie Hollman’s different struggles with parenting? 
KW: Parenting is extremely hard. Every parent has their ups, downs, tornados, and situations they are dealing with. I don't think they should ever feel Mom guilt about their current situations. They both are wonderful mothers, they spend a lot of time with their children, and they both are extremely hands on! Their children are all so lucky to have them both. They are wonderful examples of how to be a great mother to other mothers in our community. Why don’t you want anyone to take you seriously?
KW: Why would I want to be taken seriously all the time? The world is a harsh place and I like to pretend it's a perfect place! If I never could laugh at myself or make a joke…life would be so boring all the time!! Where was your mind going into the Mexico trip after the Honest Tea? 
KW: I wasn't so sure this Mexico idea would be a good idea to do after all the drama at Honest Tea!! Especially with tequila being involved?? We got through some of the drama at the Honest Tea but I knew not all of it was truly out. At this point, I was just hoping that we all could put the drama behind us and act like adults to have a good time! I knew Brandi and I needed to work still on trying to get to know one another so I was also hopeful that this trip would allow us to get to know each other more! I was also looking forward to girl time, beach walks, spa and fun conversations!! Tell us about feeling awkward in Mexico as Brandi, Cary, and Stephanie talk about LeeAnne!
KW: Being new to the group I really didn't know where I was placed yet friend-wise with everyone! I really started to like LeeAnne and I had enjoyed getting to know her. It was hard listening to this conversation. I didn’t know until this point that they all really didn’t like her. The week before, I also just had gotten myself into an awkward situation with Brandi at the tea so it was not the time to ask why they were gossiping about LeeAnne…I needed to keep my mouth shut or else I would get myself in another awkward puddle with Brandi again! (Lesson learned). So I decided to just be a listening ear and try to learn more.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo