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Eden Sassoon Slams Wendy Williams; Calls Her A “Hotmess” And A “Narcissist” — Find Out Why!

There's no love lost between Eden Sassoon and Wendy Williams. The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star took to Instagram and slammed the daytime talk show host. Sassoon shared a photo of Williams in a bikini with the following caption. "This #hotmess has some nerve #wendywilliams I AM SO SORRY 😐 check yourself before you ..... yourself #ego #narcissist #shittalkers always go down ... #timing is everything 😉 BTW your boobs are too big #downsize 🤷🏼‍♀️ karma is a #bitch #RHOBH EX."

She continued: "UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN SHAMED, YOUR FAMILY TOO ... do NOT Tell me anything. This woman is mean & attacks everyone & needs to be put in her place."

This feud kicked off back in March when Williams warned Sassoon of the dangers of online dating, calling her 'entitled' in the process. If you recall, Eden revealed on the Bravo hit reality series that she was slated to meet her romantic interest, who she nicknamed London.

During Williams' popular segment of "Hot Topics," the talk show host said that Eden might be out of touch with the dangers of meeting strangers over the Internet.

"I think that she's got that growing up rich and entitled thing," Williams said of Sassoon at the time, "where she's not really on track with what is going on out here."

She said that Eden's bachelor could be a killer, or carrying incurable sexual diseases. "People get very angry when they realize that they got something that maybe is incurable and they do terrible terrible things," Williams said.

The former radio host also remarked about Eden's vulnerability, as a wealthy heiress, to potential criminal-minded Lotharios. "He could find out you're a Sassoon, wait for you to get into the shower, go into your check book, steal a few checks from the bottom - you never steal from the top! Get smart before someone takes from the bottom of your checkbook," Williams said.

Following the episode, Eden fired back on Twitter with a series of posts defending her character, while saying that she lost all respect for Williams.

Eden took exception to Wendy's characterization of her as 'rich and entitled,' as she said that she's been working since the age of 15, with her first job at Mrs. Field's Cookies at the insistence of her famous father.

Eden also wrote: "Know the facts before u speak #Sassoon came from nothing & raised his children knowing the value of a dollar & the importance of others', adding, 'the fact that u would ever call me #entitled is a slap in my [father's] face."

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