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Dorinda Medley Comes To Luann And Tom D’Agostino’s Defense: “Leave This Couple Alone! They Are Married”

Dorinda Medley is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on last week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Dorinda shares her take on Carole's unconventional relationship and asks the question on #RHONY fans' minds.

Dorinda writes:

"Although it was quite nice to see Ramona's new digs, I think it was completely overshadowed by the fact she invited Tom's ex-girlfriend Missy. Was this planned to once again hurt Luann? If I were Missy, I would not have even attended or would have left as soon as I saw Luann and Tom. WTF? Luann is far more tolerant than I am. I would have confronted Ramona on the spot and left immediately. When Harry Dubin pulled Missy aside and asked her unacceptable leading questions about her and Tom's relationship, my skin crawled. To think, only weeks before he was a guest at their wedding! As I keep saying, leave this couple alone! They are married. I do not want be responsible for a couple's happiness or unhappiness. Karma is a bitch.

As far as Adam moving out of Carole's apartment, I don't think there's any big statement or any statement at all. Listen, we live in small apartments in NYC, and it is difficult—especially at this point in our lives—to combine lives. I think it's more about the stuff and less about the living together. Hey, listen, if we all live in the Berkshires, we could have everyone move in. Space is valuable in NYC, and we don't have conventional jobs that require us to be out from 9:00 to 5:00. Space and time away from each other is important and necessary. Look at my relationship with John. Five years and still going strong. I'm still thrilled to see him when we have our date nights! Again, everybody, mind your own business. They're happy, secure, and in a healthy relationship that works. Anyway, I think any lost time together is made up on the weekends when you can rest and really enjoy each other.

The Women's March was incredible. I feel so lucky to have experienced it with both Hannah and Carole. As I stated, this was less about our new President and more about our voice as women. Being empowered, especially as a mother and a woman, is very important to me. I think this is a day Hannah and I will remember forever! I felt absolutely blessed to be part of this important day."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo