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Sonja Morgan Says She’s Not ‘Jealous’ Of Luann D’Agostino And Calls Out Ramona Singer For Being ‘Rude’ And For ‘Stirring The Pot!’

Sonja Morgan is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Sonja Morgan discusses Tinsley Mortimer and how she's making the nest less empty.

Sonja writes:

"Tinsley is such a shot in the arm for me and is refreshing. I need that kind of energy around me now that I'm in an empty nest. I've lost a lot of positive and motivating energy in the house without my daughter living at home anymore. 

Everyone asked me about the bunny paintings. Those are by my dear friend Hunt Slonem. He is quite the character. We have been friends for decades. We have a lot in common. He collects parakeets, orchids and antiquities. Google him! 

Luann and I have been to Suzanne Millinery Couture before. Remember?  I love the leopard hat on her beautiful daughter. She's very charming, and I've had great times with her. She's a special girl and talented artist. All I said is no man would come between Luann and I. Never has. Whether she walked down the aisle or not, I'd be there for her. I'm not living in the past, she is, because those were old interviews back when the Regency Hotel incident went down, and it sounds like the Meddler is involved here. 

Jealous? Remember, Tom was my secret lover that I let no one know about for 10 years. I was sad to lose a best friend and dinner date and seemingly losing Luann. That's what made me even sadder. 

Also on a personal note, just sad to still be alone and not ready for marriage. I'm just worried for Luann and hoping that they are both ready for marriage. This marriage. I'm going to speak my mind because I'm a real friend. 

Carole and Bethenny tried to say something nice about my state of being and Ramona cuts them off and stirs the pot about Tinsley. After the fiasco that went down last year with Ramona saying that she's newly single and is worried about her reputation and being friends with me, this was her opportunity to fess up and say I'm doing terrific and that she exaggerated about me. Now that she's been single and out there for a while, she can certainly understand what it feels like. No? Her talks with the construction Mario seem to indicate that. And the hickey? Here we go.

Ramona discussing Tinsley's past says she "kind of Googled it." That's like saying you're kind of pregnant. LMAO!

Bethenny saying Tinsley is my roommate is like back to school. Living at my place is certainly not like living in a dormitory. I'm sorry, it's almost embarrassing and decadent one person living in this big house. I'm happy to share my good fortune, and besides, Tinsley needs a fresh start and arm around her. Frankly, Ms. Frankel, I was advised to hold on to my house as an investment for the moment, and real estate is a solid investment in 10065. Forbes stated best in the world. That's re: your comment "get rid of the house." I only make money if I sell and buy more expensive. Which I can't. I know you want me to be lighter emotionally. I get it. I do! I want to be. Soon. Soon enough. 

Seeing myself with no make up and in jeans and t-shirts all the time and seeing Tinsley always looking so beautiful and on point representing her brand so well is a good wake up call for me.  I really need to juuuuuge myself up. 

The Tinsley list:


-Wants kids, has to be picky

-Job a must

-No momma boys 

-Overnight hedge fund or internet tycoon, because Tinsley seems to need that in my assessment

Tune in to learn more on this point. Lists are important. I married a great guy who was perfect for me. And I won't be marrying the same guy next time. My list is different now, even though I have the same values. That's why I get Tinsley. We are like sisters. She's not perfect, and I'm not either, but we will always be there for each other. 

Carole says she wouldn't go to me for advice on husbands, but I haven't been in the market for a husband these last 11 years. The record shows I had a young 5-year-old daughter living at home, was starting over and had new businesses. Not looking to be saved by a man. Or marriage. I've only thought about settling down for the next part of my life very, very recently. I am a lady who had a plan and followed through, yet enjoyed myself along the way, even if it meant dating young guys and getting sh--faced with my gay boyfriends. Sinatra said, "Whatever gets you through the night." Dreams come through with a plan. 

The Mad Hatter party idea came up because Gigi, my next-door neighbor, kindly offered to help me.

Ramona has met my sister a thousand times, and she's met Gigi before. Typical of Ramona not to remember. Never remembers anyone! 

She says, "I thought you were doing your laundry here" after Gigi just got done telling her she lives in the house right next door. Ruuuuude! Don't you listen?! And then she says "one dog is Millou." Everyone knows Millou died. She came to the funeral. Hellllloooo?

My butler is socializing more than the guests. That's OK. He gives me life, as my daughters generation says. I'll take real over ass kissing any day. Said that in my blog last week. 

Ramona disinvited me just as Dorinda did. Never stands up for me. Gurrrl don't have Dorinda!  You already invited me. You are friend jumping me. I'm allergic to that behavior. It can be flavor of the week, month, or year. Whatever. Don't do it. Luann says she knows Dorinda for 10 years. There are people you KNOW and people you are close friends with. Remember who was there for you first and don't take that for granted. Make new friends. That's great, but I'm just sayin'.  

Tinsley knows the talk is out there. She's right to hit it head on and move on. That's why I reached out to her when I saw the headlines. I know what it means to have a last name like Morgan or Mortimer and to have great respect for the family that you were married to and all that they represent, but then to have the negative press attached to yourself personally. It's blindsiding and traumatic after living in discretion. With my divorce, movie lawsuit and subsequent Chapter 11 reorganization, I was temporarily paralyzed. On one hand you're so proud of the family that you were married to and you will always be family, but on the other hand as an individual you have to go on and take care of yourself independently. However, you're right smack in the middle of the pop culture wave and the huge cocktail party that goes with it. It's a very fine line to walk and not crash and burn. I just went through 11 years of rebuilding and rebranding with my daughter by my side, and it can be very isolating. I could feel for Tinsley when I read about her relationship going sour publicly in Palm Beach. I live in a fishbowl, too. It's just behind closed doors. 

Luann, I missed out on the yacht? Tom doesn't have a yacht. You borrowed it from a girlfriend who charters it out. Let YOU use it for exposure to your friends. You say I'm jealous of you and Tom? I kept Tom on the down low for a reason. I was looking to get married to Tom. He was my good friend. I love Tom as a friend. And he was a lover. I very much want to keep you both as friends.  I don't burn bridges. 

OMG my butler kisses Bethenny's hand and escorts her to her car like only one B to another does! 

Tune in next week. We are just getting started. Love you guys for always being supportive of all I have fought through. I'm very proud of my daughter, my greatest achievement. I loved my marriage, the divorce was tough. I feel so creative again through my fashion lifestyle brand and my recent acting stint off Broadway. I know the future is bright, always did. My yacht has sailed, but my ship is coming in. "

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo