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Scheana Marie Admits She Felt She Was “Harsh” And “Cold” Toward Her Ex Mike Shay At The Vanderpump Rules Season 5 Reunion!

Scheana Marie and Mike Shay came head-to-head at Monday night's Part 3 of Vanderpump Rules Season 5 reunion. The exes were visibly upset with one another over how their relationship ended and what happened after they decided to call it quits, including Shay learning about the identity of Scheana's new boyfriend, Robert Valletta, for the first time.

Though Scheana and Shay seemed to end the reunion on good terms, giving each other their best wishes as they embraced, the experience still didn't sit well with the SURver. "I had sent him an email after the reunion because...I felt I was very harsh in certain parts of it, I felt a little cold in other parts of it, " Scheana revealed to E! News prior to the reunion airing. "And then, the way he found out about Rob, I felt I needed to just give a little more of an explanation. I felt like I just owed that to him because we've been friends for half our lives."

Scheana said that she never received a reply from Shay, but she heard through a mutual friend that he had read it, and "that was enough for me," she said. "I've said my piece."

During the sit-down, Shay expressed that he felt like Scheana had betrayed him by talking about his struggle with substance abuse on the show. "My job is to tell my story and put my life out there...I'm sorry I'm not going to keep my mouth shut about that anymore, we're not together anymore," Scheana told E! News in response. "Me opening up about this has helped so many women, too."

Scheana previously told The Daily Dish that, although coming face-to-face with Shay was difficult, it has ultimately helped her move on. "It was weird, but I think that day did bring some closure to me, at least," she said.

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo