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RHOS Producers Reportedly Forced To Monitor Cast Member’s Social Media Activity After Online Feuds Turns Vicious!

Following multiple online vicious feuds it's been reported that the producers of the The Real Housewives of Sydney and the show's network are reportedly stepping into to censor the comments and to monitor the cast member's social media activity.

One cast member of RHOS revealed to Confidential the fighting has gone too far since filming wrapped, with the online jabs continuing to get worse.

She said producers were scared of the word bullying being used when discussing the show.

“They have warned us ladies to try and keep the fighting above belt,” the source said. “I know a number of the ladies have taken some of their posts down after ranting.

“The word bully is a bad word in Housewives land, they done want it used, but the truth is some of the behaviors of the ladies are bullying behaviors.”

The source said the show’s bosses were constantly shaking their heads during production.

Over the weekend Oldfield uploaded a meme where Krissy Marsh’s head had been stuck to Chewbacca’s body and Victoria Rees’ face has been stuck to a can of Victoria Bitter beer.

The post was subsequently removed, Oldfield revealed she made the decision to delete the post.
“It was brought to my attention some people were interpreting the post as bullying, and I am certainly not a bully,” she said.

Recently, Oldfield came under fire after engaging in an online feud with Victoira Rees' teenage son.

Photo Credit: Foxtel