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Phaedra Parks: “I Was Not Surprised To See Kim And Kenya Arguing”

Phaedra Parks is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Phaedra Parks dishes on the Chateau Sheree housewarming drama. Check it out! What were your first impressions of Chateau Sheree?
Phaedra Parks: I thought Sheree did a magnificent job on her home. I was with Sheree when she began building the chateau, so to see it come to fruition after such an uphill journey is exciting. I am very happy for her. What was going through your mind when Kim got into it with Kenya?
PP: I was not surprised to see Kim and Kenya arguing. No arguments ever surprise me anymore. We were there to celebrate Sheree’s new home. I am not sure why everyone feels so compelled to inspect and criticize other people’s homes. However, it was good to see and hear that Kim is still spunkier than ever. What did you think of Kandi's apology?
PP: I appreciated Kandi’s apology.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo