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Mike Shay Says He’s Been Labeled A ‘Druggie’ Due To Vanderpump Rules And Accuses Scheana Marie Of Prolonging Marriage To Divorce Him On Camera!

Mike Shay wasn’t ready for the world to bear witness to his addiction. As the music producer explained Monday during the concluding episode of the three-part Vanderpump Rules Season 5 reunion, he wished to keep his struggles between him and now-estranged wife Scheana Marie.

“That was something that I was dealing with, with my wife, between us,” Shay said. “My parents didn’t know, my family didn’t know. So I was forced to tell everyone. And now, everywhere I go, I get it every day, I’m labeled as a druggie.”

Shay confessed to being addicted to painkillers on camera during the fourth season of the Bravo hit reality series, with Scheana later filing for divorce after two years of marriage.

While Scheana told Shay during the reunion she never would have left him, he immediately dismissed those claims.

“That’s not true. That’s not true,” Shay replied. “I told you, I said we will make this work and you said yes to everything. And then when I showed up to film, you divorced me on camera.”

Scheana claimed Shay had been lying to her and buying pills behind her back.

“Right then I was like checked out. Done,” she said.

Scheana has since moved forward and moved on to boyfriend Robert Valletta, the brother of actress Amber Valletta. Shay appeared disheartened with the speedy coupling.

“It’s unfortunate you having a new boyfriend. I think it’s very quick. I don’t know who he is, I don’t care,” Shay said.

Scheana told Page Six earlier this month she and Valletta got serious after the holidays, having known each other for over a decade.

“We dated like 10 years ago. We met in 2006 and it was more casual, but the timing was never right,” she said of Valletta. “I was like, ‘This is the guy you marry, not the guy you casually date at 21.'”

Transcript courtesy via Page Six

Photo Credit: Bravo