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Krissy Marsh Dishes On Her Issues With RHOS Co-Stars Athena X Levendi And Lisa Oldfield!

Krissy Marsh is taking to her Arena Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Sydney. Krissy Marsh dishes on her issues with AthenaX Levendi and Lisa Oldfield.

Krissy writes:

"Before I go any further, I really want to make it clear that I am sad and truly sorry Athena X thinks Nicole, Victoria and I have something against her.  We aren’t mean girls, we are actually mature women with busy professional and personal lives so we really don’t have the time to sit around and single out Athena X.  My issue with Athena has always been how she thinks it is acceptable to name-call other women – it is this behaviour that has culminated in a dissolved friendship with us.

Athena is right, she does have a short-fuse, none of us ever thought she was all calm and serene like Buddha meditating on the mountain, she can be far from that when she wants and her less than ideal behaviour over the last few weeks shows just that….she is the one behind all her spiritual meltdowns, they are all her own doing.

I think it was a very raw moment for Athena to open up in the circumstances she did, it shows she is just like one of us and her childhood is a deeply sad story.  But regardless of the circumstance I won’t ever condone her calling people names, saying that Victoria is fat – what a shocking thing to say to someone, especially as an adult woman – that never even happened when I was school.  It’s almost like because she feels pain she wants to inflict it onto those around her.  What Athena X needs to understand is we have all had our own journeys in life and experienced the good and the bad but that doesn’t mean we get through life attacking others.

How fabulous to hang out with Pop Princess herself, Melissa auditioning for dancers.  She was so in her element, it is where she thrives and its testament to her personality, passion and ability to have survived as long as she has in such a cut-throat industry.  I certainly admired her ability to pick and choose so easily but I guess that is the nature of the industry as it is in all other job sectors…and how fabulous that all the ones I chose were the ones to get the gig.  Mind you I certainly felt terrible for those that were turned away as they had all given their time and passion…I know just how tough this is from my days casting for modelling jobs but these auditions seemed so much more brutal…in modelling you just didn’t hear back if you didn’t get the gig whereas these poor dancers were eliminated on the spot.  At the age of 15 I was kicked out of school choir by the parish Nun as she thought I was intentionally singing off-key…but I was really trying.  Guess I was not cut out for the Pop Princess life.

Given what has been happening over the last few weeks with Athena X and Lisa I didn’t want to be a part of Lisa’s Thermomix party…it just wouldn’t have been right to go over there and play ‘happy families’.  I don’t understand Lisa’s behaviour nor do I wish to be a part of her life, therefore it wouldn’t make sense for me to attend her house for this get together.  It is becoming more apparent of the housewives divide however I did enjoy seeing Matty and Melissa squirm over the reptile that was in the kitchen!!! Those girls make me laugh.  I am indeed happy I didn’t go to Lisa’s drinks but how cool was that flying fox, I certainly would have given that a go like Matty did.

I am lucky to have friends like Nicole and Victoria.  One hundred percent I respect and trust them so it is always great spending time with them.  Athena X’s story may have been questioned by some of the other women but I do believe there was some trauma in her childhood, it explains all that she is and why she behaves as she does.  Victoria seemed to be more conflicted by the timing of Athena’s revelation but at the end of the day we need to support each other through the good and bad times – that’s what friends are for.  From deep in my heart I hope Athena X gets the help she desperately needs to move forward with what she experienced at such a tender age.  Often we go through life not really aware of how fortunate we are or have been…I grew up having an incredible childhood surrounded by animals and all the love I could have wished for.  And it is with those childhood memories I am sure to offer my children the same sense of security, love, fun and stability.

My goodness Lisa, plotting her revenge as we speak?!?  At the expense of a charity and a so-called friend.  Essentially you set Lizzie up to look terrible…how much of a good friend are you?  Certainly not one I would like to have.

It was always Victoria’s right not to invite Athena X and Lisa, it’s hardly Victoria’s fault that due to their appalling behaviour at the art exhibition they have become such liabilities.   Can we puh-lease rewind to Athena X’s art exhibition – that in itself sums it up why Victoria wouldn’t want Lisa or Athena anywhere near her Victor Chang fundraiser and her Wrinkle Sminkle product launch.  Totally respect Victoria for calling it as it is and telling Mike Levendi exactly why Athena X wasn’t to be a part of the event.  One more time – Athena X was never invited.  She certainly wasn’t uninvited.  Fact people.

Lisa’s mouth goes from bad to worse…Kinder-Surprise get f***.  Um so-called society women, did you forget this was for a charity?  And to top off their ugly behaviour, Lizzie Buttrose took photos of us women crying when the event’s key speaker, a woman of similar age to us, had a cardiac arrest in front of her 8 year old son.  Lisa then made fun of us all on social media, inappropriately posting unflattering photos of us – without explaining the situation and hello, we were there to raise money for charity and Lisa, typically, sees it as an opportunity for a cheap bullying shot.

I am sure I am not the only one that found Lizzie’s behaviour incredibly disgraceful.  She really should know better…and it’s quite hilarious that she has become one of Lisa’s puppets.  Lisa now doesn’t do her own dirty work – she just (thinks) she pulls the strings.  As for Lizzie’s hair…the extensions really didn’t help.

Oh dear little heart, with the dear little diamond, dear little diamond…good old Joh Bailey couldn’t help himself.  I have to say I did feel pained for Athena X because the Levendi piece would have fetched much more if Lizzie wasn’t so drunk, drunk, drunkety, drunk and wasn’t interrupting the auction…as the Property Princess I know all too well that auctions need momentum, if only you let them run as they need to…Athena X, you only have your good friend Lisa to blame.  It is really sad that Athena X and Lisa had to have someone crash an event on their behalf…says more about you than Lizzie ladies!

I am all hands up for Singapore – never one to pass up steamy weather, food – glorious food, and lazy days by the pool.  Sweetest Nicole sums it up – why would you want to bring problems with you….guess Melissa will have to wait and see….stay tuned!!!!"

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