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Bethenny Frankel Says RHONY Season 9 Is An “Emotional Roller Coaster”

Bethenny Frankel is spilling all the tea on what fans can expect from the new season of The Real Housewives of New York City. "This season is an emotional roller coaster. It feels like we're in some messed up therapy session, like, with an unlicensed therapist. It's a roller coaster ride and some people do go off the rails," Bethenny Frankel told E! News.

"It's really funny though. We have a really interesting type of dynamic. I mean, we have one married Housewife, and it almost didn't happen. We have one married Housewife who, six out of seven Housewives weren't at the wedding."

"We're very gritty…We're much less glam on our show," Bethenny said about RHONY compared to other Housewives shows in the franchise. "A lot of us don't get our hair and makeup done unless we're doing something major…Other casts get hair and makeup every time and fly glam crews with them to other countries. We don't even get our hair and makeup done because this is our real life. I don't get my hair and makeup done on a random Tuesday to go to lunch with somebody to talk about nonsense."

The ladies ended things a little fractured last year, but things start to even out in the new season as each gets used to one another again, Bethenny said.

"We have a bankruptcy, two deaths, one really great infidelity story, my s—tshow of a divorce, it's a kind of banged up, beaten up disastrous group of broads if you want to be honest," she said. "We're glamorous and aspirational, but the gild is off this lily."

Then, Bethenny teases a major blowup between two cast members. "Let's just say that two people have a season-long escalation that is pretty much irreparable. It will never be the same way it was before," Bethenny warned. "A real friendship does disintegrate."

Photo Credit: Bravo