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Athena X Levendi On Victoria Rees: “I Couldn’t Understand Why She Wanted To Continue Creating A Rift Between Us!”

AthenaX Levendi is taking to her Arena Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Sydney. Athena X Levendi doesn't understand why Victoria Rees continues to put a rift between them.

AthenaX writes:

"After Matty’s party I was feeling sad and heart broken. It was devastating to see that these women had pushed me to the basement of my soul. Normally I would have never confided in someone if I didn’t feel safe or close to them. However I was forced and taken to this place of no return, I felt vulnerable isolated and misunderstood. Looking back now, perhaps I shouldn’t have shared so much detail of my childhood trauma, but I was desperately trying to get them to understand me more and open up..!

As Panos said; with our friends the only way we build a trusting bond is by sharing our experiences and our feelings and that’s all I did. I was trying to make them understand me.

Even today I can’t comprehend why so many hurtful things were said and thrown across the table! I guess they were words of anger and anger is the symptom of sadness, which truthfully I was harvesting especially because these women kept badgering me and not giving me a chance… A chance to talk and just be myself. I desperately just wanted to be accepted and they just keep antagonising me, they transported me back to that little vulnerable abused girl who felt unsafe… One thing I do regret saying was that Victoria was fat …as fat shaming isn’t acceptable, but I was so frustrated with Victoria who kept bringing it up…something that I assumed was behind us long ago, since the cape throwing insult was now in the past.

I also couldn’t understand why Krissy was campaigning against me by  using the same word every time she would see me pointing her finger and screaming “YOU’RE NASTY ” So many untruthful things were said that night ,I just want to forget.. I really don’t want to recall all those horrible accusations, it makes me feel sick in my stomach.

Thank god I have such an understanding husband Panos to reason and talk too, he is so good to me and completely understands me, how would I cope without his words of wisdom?

Heading out to the North Shore over the harbour bridge, to visit Lisa was just what the doctor ordered, taking my mind of everything that had been said and just spending some fun safe time with the girls who cared and loved me ,well not sure about Melissa but I love her regardless.

Donating a Levendi Diamond bespoke pendant made especially for Victoria’s charity on request was something that I thought would bring us closer and Victoria would appreciate my kindness and my family’s generosity for her charity and see that I did want to be her friend.

Boy was I disillusioned with that expectation.

I couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t personally call me, if she had reservations about my behaviour she should have called me personally and told me, what normal friends in this scenario would do…; instead ignoring and avoiding me. However accepting my family’s donation and not inviting Lisa and myself really Hurt and made both of us feel even further excluded from the group.

I couldn’t understand why she wanted to continue creating a rift between us!

I was reaching out and Victoria was just using me and saying horrible things like she  ‘hates’ me too the auctioneer!

I wasn’t aware that Lizzie was going to turn up at Victoria’s event and had I known this, I probably would have found a way to prevent her from saying or doing anything.

As for the donation it was an honest offering to help and support the Heart for a heart foundation. Sad to see the people involved didn’t appreciate or respect our kind gesture from Levendi. However it gives me joy to know we’ve contributed to a good cause. Sending love & light"

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The Real Housewives of Sydney airs Sunday nights at 8:30pm on Arena in Australia and on Tuesday nights at 8:30pm on Bravo NZ in New Zealand. For International TV Listings, click here!

Photo Credit: Foxtel