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Which Real Housewives Stars Would Andy Cohen Invite To His Dream Dinner Party?!

During a recent interview with People Magazine, Andy Cohen spills all the tea on Real Housewives and parties. Since the two subjects go perfectly together, the Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen host reveals his favorite Housewives Dinner Party, his dream dinner party guests and shares details about the upcoming episodes of Vanderpump Rules and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Check it out!

Which Housewife would you say hosts the best dinner parties?
AC: I mean, Lisa Vanderpump I think is up there. Yeah, maybe Vanderpump.

Do you have a favorite Housewives dinner party scene?
AC: Well, I mean Camille Grammer’s dinner party from hell was pretty amazing.

A lot of the Housewives have their own wines. I actually had Jax Taylor [from Vanderpump Rules] in the office and had him do a taste test. Have you tried them all?

AC: Oh, that’s so funny. I haven’t. I’ve tried Ramona’s Pinot Grigio, which is pretty good. A lot of them have have Champagnes and proseccos and things like that, but I don’t like a sweet wine. Oh yeah, I’ve had Brandi’s too. That’s pretty good.

If you were to curate an all-star dinner party of Housewives, and you can only pick five—past or present—who do you choose?
AC: Dorinda, Erika Jayne, Shereé, Gizelle from Potomac and Tamra.

I know you said you had teared up watching the upcoming Vanderpump Rules finale, anything we can expect or that you can hint at?
AC: It’s just a totally satisfying finale, and you obviously know that [Tom and Katie] get married and I think the shocker is that you go from all season thinking that this couple should absolutely not be together to thinking that they should, and that was kind of crazy. You’re rooting for them, whereas I think during the season, you’ve been rooting against them.

Finally, you’re out in L.A. and you just filmed the Beverly Hills reunion. How did that go?
AC: It was really good, oh my God. We had a few special guests and it was funny, it was dramatic, it was great because the Beverly Hills women, they keep it classy, so even when they’re disagreeing, they keep their s— together.

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Photo Credit: Bravo