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Matt Jordan And Peter Thomas Involved In Physical Altercation During Radio Interview; Cops Called!

Peter Thomas and Matt Jordan have been feuding via social media recently but things escalated between the two Real Housewives of Atlanta exes when they got into a violent brawl during a radio interview.

TMZ reports that Matt threw a water bottle at Peter, then charged him. It was so bad, cops were called and took an assault report from Peter against Matt.

Peter himself revealed the news of the fight on social media.“Yesterday was an interesting day. Somebody trying me but they got played. Can’t wait for y’all to see the video, oh my God," Thomas said in an Instagram video. “He’s trying to stop y’all from seeing the video but I’m going to get it released, and everybody will see that video. Let’s go.”

The Jasmine Brand shared more details about the report, including that things escalated between the two men on Tuesday night after Jordan traveled from Atlanta to Charlotte to confront Peter on a local radio show. The interview took place in Peter's bar, and things quickly went south.

According to the site, "Matt reportedly felt that his concerns were not being addressed in the interview. The pair began to argue. Things turned physical when Matt allegedly saw that Peter had obtained a blade in his hand. We hear that Matt wrestled Peter to the floor, attempting to protect himself and recover the blade. The fight was reportedly broken up and Matt left the scene refusing to sign the radio station’s release to publish the video of the altercation."

Photo Credit: Getty Images