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Lala Kent Admits She Regrets Some Of Her Plastic Surgery!

Lala Kent admits she went a little overboard with the plastic surgery. The Vanderpump Rules star opened up about the procedures she's had and which ones she could do without in the future.

"I'm not the type of person who's going to walk out and be like, 'I've had nothing done! My face just changed like this,'" she told Bravo TV's The Lookbook. "I'm pretty open about things like that."

So what exactly has she had done?

She says she's had Botox in her forehead and filler in her lips, jawline, chin and cheeks.  "Pretty much my whole face, except my nose," she laughed.

But all jokes aside, she's ready to put a stop to all of it...well, most of it, at least.

"I will say, this last time I feel like I overdid it," she said. "I want to stop with the lips, I want to stop with the fillers. Enough is enough!"

However, she says she'll still enhance her jawline due to "horrible genetics," and she'll still get Botox because she likes to "scowl at people."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo