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Eden Sassoon: “Anything That Comes Out Of My Mouth, I’m Going To Own”

Eden Sassoon is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Eden Sassoon shares more details about "London" and her lunch with Lisa Rinna.

Eden writes:

"And we’re off! Hong Kong, here we come!

So excited to be back in this gorgeous city supporting Vanderpump with her fight against Yulin! I’ve been before, but every time I’m there I’m still shocked at how breathtaking it is. The scenery, the hotels, everything is #luxurious.

Our first dinner already starts off with a bang… and guess who is back?! LONDON! #LOL

I know I said this before, but I am just having fun! Why should there be rules just for women? If I feel like treating a man to a trip, I’m going to treat a man to a trip. I get where the ladies are coming from telling me that it’s dangerous to stay in the same room with him when I haven’t met him, but I have plenty of friends in NYC that could come to help me if I needed it! Guys, they don’t understand my humor yet! Like #MyRules, that was a joke!

Like I said, I could be strangled dead, but I could kill him too! #DidYouThinkOfThat 

Erika laughed a bit. I think she started to realize that I was making light of a situation they were taking very seriously. And no, Vanderpump, I have not made my way through all of the men in America, but I’m working on it! #Persistent

It was a really fun day going to the highest peak in Hong Kong with Rinna . Talk about gorgeous, you guys. I mean, it was #Insane. The buildings, colors, the harbor, everything was beautiful. A must-see if you get the chance to travel there.

Okay, so the lunch with Rinna was surprising. I definitely didn’t expect to hear that Rinna felt like people thought she had a drug problem, because I hadn’t heard these feelings before. But, when she told me it was Dorit  saying these things, it jogged my memory about a conversation I had with her at her house. Because guys, the night we made smoothies at my house, it was very fun! The whole “bag of pills” thing was definitely a jok, and all three of us (Dorit, Rinna and me) were crying laughing about it. With that said, I did mention before in my blog that I thought it was weird that Dorit would, out of the blue, ask me if Rinna’s personality was induced by something. I wondered in that moment what she was trying to accomplish by saying that.

I felt in that moment, because Rinna had asked me, that I needed to tell her Dorit had said something to me. For me, anything that comes out of my mouth, I’m going to own, so I expect the same from the other women. If you said it, it shouldn’t be a secret—it’s how you feel. #Truth

I love playing with hair. It’s in my blood… I felt like it was time to play with a wig in Hong Kong! Seriously, this whole experience was about having fun! And boy was I glad I made my own fun, because the junk boat was a sh-- show!

Just wait for the whole #Blowout next week.

Note To Self: Well this is actually a note to everyone else! Vanderpump WANTED an #EdenHug from Eileen! It’s catching on! I told you they were amazing."

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesday nights at 9pm/8c on Bravo! For International TV Listings, click here!

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo