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Dorit Kemsley Explains Feeling Attacked During The Hong Kong Boat Incident And Reacts To Lisa Rinna’s “Outrageous” Drug Accusations!

Dorit Kemsley is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Dorit Kemsley explains feeling attacked during the Hong Kong boat incident and reacts to Lisa Rinna's drug accusations.

Dorit writes:

"Well…this episode started out with a bang and ended with another bang.

It really makes me feel sad that grown women are acting like this. I mean, jumping in front of someone’s face and flipping them off…we are not kids. Surely there’s a better way to resolve things.

What happened on the boat was pure hell. Three women all coming at me like that together, I was blindsided to say the least, and it felt like plain old bullying, which I won’t allow. I will stand up to that type of behavior and won't let anyone attack me like that. It was mean-spirited and unprovoked. We all know these issues they are raising have been rehashed many, many times already, and I’ve listened and apologized, and it was put to rest. I shouldn’t have to keep facing it and in such an aggressive manner. I tried to listen, but it's hard to listen and act caring back when people are being that aggressive and saying such horrible things to you. These are not the actions of people wanting to resolve things. I was really shaken by it and hurt, because I honestly feel like I’ve tried to make amends so many times already. When does enough become enough? 

Aside from being shocked that Erika Girardi was now raising these issues again, I was also shocked by some of her other comments. To say to me that I’m desperate for her attention or that what she says matters and is important and what I say doesn’t matter...I mean, who says that about themselves? I find it strange to think someone can think of themselves in this way and say these things to someone else.

Coming off the boat, my head was spinning, and I was emotionally drained and distraught, and I wasn’t thinking clearly. I made a comment about Erika’s glam squad that I now regret, and it wasn’t personal towards them but was in reaction to these strange comments she made about herself and her own self-importance. Her glam team isn't involved. They are all very nice and talented, and I’ve enjoyed some good times with them. I was just shaken by everything on the boat and the Erika, Lisa R and Eileen ambush. It was very unsettling. 

As for Lisa R, this has gotten so out of control I don’t know where to begin. From the aggressive attack on the boat to the Hong Kong dinner when she was just relentlessly coming at me again and again to the point even Eileen had to step in to my defense (!!) and now to these outrageous accusations about drugs being used at my house. Oh and let’s not forget the "Do I trust my husband" comment. This is all just too much. To talk of drugs and if I trust my husband, these are low low blows. I’m a mother and a family person, and I have my children to think of. You can’t go around saying comments like this about people for no reason, and all along Lisa R was smiling and enjoying saying all those horrible things. I guess we are starting to see the true colors of people. And to question my husband, we all saw how she reacted to Kim R when she mentioned her husband, smashing a glass, getting up to strangle her... I can't even begin with how many things are wrong here, and Kyle , too, was clearly upset that she would do that after how she treated Kim. 

It really is a shame that things came to this point. I wanted to have an amazing Hong Kong trip with the girls to support Lisa V’s phenomenal work with her foundation and trying to stop Yulin forever. But no, the good cause and mission got lost, and we had to revisit old feelings that I thought were long gone and done with. Poor Lisa V having to see all of this happen on a trip that she’s been working so hard on. I’m really grateful to have such a great friend and for her efforts to jump in and stand up for me. It was shocking that the girls felt they could all gang up on me, but when Lisa V would say anything in my defense, she was immediately shut down as if I shouldn't have anyone supporting me whilst a barrage of attacks were being directed at me from three women! 

Well, thank goodness, we went to see Buddha. I certainly needed to relax and have a laugh on the trip up the mountain with Lisa V and Kyle. It was great to spend some time with them to lighten things up after all of this drama! I was very thankful to have a "zen" moment and enjoy the nature and beauty of the Buddha.

So with a calming breath and a deep sigh, we move on, and I’m so glad Hong Kong is behind us."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo