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Lisa Vanderpump: “All The Speculation Coming From Eden Had Been Firmly Planted By LR”

Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa Vanderpump takes her stance on the Eden and Lisa Rinna vs. Kim and Kyle Richards fight, and believes one person was behind it all.

LVP writes:

"Mmmm,so things are changing rapidly in the hills of Beverly...

But the more things change, maybe the more they stay the same.

Last year was extraordinarily difficult as I battled and endured the wrath from ED and LR over a conversation that had happened many months prior between LR and myself, a conversation that was the catalyst for the vitriol that emerged.

But she was stalwart in her opinion that her recollection was accurate to a tee, emphatic as she tried to drag my character through the dirt. Her recollecting skills aren't as accurate as she maintains, clearly.

Shortly before Eden came to see me, I had lunch with Kyle, and I enlightened her of Eden's request to meet up at my house, just the two of us.

Kyle was pretty certain that the subject matter was, once again, to be largely dwelling on the same conversation. Eden was new to the group and had an intensity. The opinion seemed to be so focused on Kim's sobriety it made little sense to be so vociferous in her opinion when she had very few interactions with either of them.

I had firmly and unequivocally warned Eden that I was not willing to partake in conversations against Kyle and Kim. Kim was, for all intents and purposes, doing rather well. She would not benefit in any way from outsiders questioning her sobriety that she struggles to maintain. Outsiders also includes LR since little, if any, time has been spent in her company.

Our history is too deep. The fabric of our relationships has been woven from a multitude of experiences, as we have endured a myriad of scenarios that have challenged our relationships.

At times we have faltered but often, when challenged, you emerge stronger as a result, and I was resolute in my defense of both of them and not willing to engage without making that clear where my loyalties lay.

You, the viewer, has an advantage as you witness each conversation, having the luxury of much more information than we are privy to.

You observed LR's careless remarks to Eden. You then also see LR state that she is reluctant to talk about KIM. What utter hogwash. Kim's name is rarely far from her thoughts as we all interact with each other. Her actions have proven that.

Contrary to her endless promises that she wants to move on, she wishes Kim well.

To what benefit is it to Kim to have her sobriety questioned? Also without reason as she enters a new phase of her life, welcoming a grandchild.

I have had a brutal education, derived from my own experience with LR, in regard to her accuracy when it comes to recollection.

One word of a sentence can change the meaning or intent as we learnt last year.

LR is no one's puppet as she proclaimed so emphatically last summer. It was ridiculous to entertain that notion, that I would fill her fluffy head with my thoughts and not speak for myself.

No, LR is propelled by something deeper than that. It almost seems a retaliatory anger for words that were exchanged in Amsterdam.

I endeavored to be totally transparent, reticent to be the gossipmonger that salaciously regaled our conversation on my terrace, but honest in my stance that this would be repeated to Kyle and maybe some clarity would transpire as to Eden's unprovoked opinion.

Kyle was aghast that all the speculation coming from Eden had been firmly planted by LR...

So as we see the machinations of this complicated scenario unfold, it might shed some light on some devious characters who are willing to shovel the dirt, then pass the spade with the intent to keep their own hands clean.

Mexico was wonderful, and we see as LR arrives that the bubbling pot of assertions is ready to boil over.

So as we turn up the heat, keep watching and all will become clear."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo