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Kim DePaola Continues To Slam Melissa Gorga; Says “She F**king Copied Everything I Have Ever Done!”

Kim DePaola is reacting to Melissa Gorga's comments she made about her in a recent interview. Last week, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star shut down rumors that Cake Boss Buddy Valastro is a partner in her recently re-opened Envy Boutique.

Gorga believed Kim DePaola was partially behind this rumor and that DePaola was “obsessed with” her.

“This is absolutely a ridiculous rumor,” Gorga said about the rumor, “and I believe it’s Kim DePaola and Jackie Beard Robinson behind it.”

She continued: “Kim and Jackie will stop at nothing to try to prove me wrong and make my business fail. It’s definitely them making up rumors. They are obsessed with me and need to focus on their new business venture together instead of me.”

She added: “I tried doing this with a partner once. Big mistake. Envy is all mine and I’ll never have a partner again.”

DePaola reacted to Gorga's accusations and had a lot to say, including claiming that Gorga copies everything she does.

“Excuse me,” DePaola told The Dirty. “Who is obsessed? She f**king copied everything I have ever done! The name now has Envy behind desk like Posche! And she has the same colors as me- black and white. Who is she f**king kidding?”

She continued: “And don’t worry I don’t think about your business at all! You are a joke and have Grandma taste. Your window looks like Annie Sez. I wouldn’t wear one piece in that store.”

She added: “I know for a fact she only did a fashion show last year because she knew they were filming mine! She’s phony!”

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Photo Credit: Bravo