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Erika Girardi Thinks Dorit Kemsley Was ‘Loudly Defensive’ During Her Heated Conversation With Eileen Davidson!

Erika Girardi is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Erika Girardi thinks the heat at the dinner table moved from Eileen Davidson and Dorit Kemsley to Kim Richards and Lisa Rinna.

Erika writes:

"Greetings from Lake Louise in Canada!

This week we pick up with lunch at Camille’s house with Eileen and Dorit. Eileen is trying to clear the air with Dorit about comments made pertaining to the way she handled some trying times in her life. I understand Eileen’s need to have this conversation in order to move forward, but it seems like Dorit’s “defensive” wall is what’s making it hard for them to clear anything up.

It’s nice to see Lisa Rinna and Eden having a girl’s lunch. They seem to have a connection and support for one another, which can be hard to find with other women. I would like to applaud Eden’s recovery and her openness to share it. That takes courage.

I’m excited for you all to see the sets of my music video “XXPENSIVE” coming together. There are many exciting moments to shooting a video but nothing compares to seeing a vision that was once on paper finally come to life. Stay tuned!

I’ve heard some STORIES about Kyle’s game nights, but I’m hoping tonight will be what any game night should be…fun. The night got off to a great start, and I really had a great time with the ladies. I must say, though, I could have sworn that my team won…hmmm. Guess there’s always next year…

Eileen and Lisa R. are trying to clear up some unsettled differences with Dorit, but Dorit is interpreting this as another attack from Eileen. Dorit’s putting her dukes up, and opponents are appearing. She’s loudly defensive, and the heat at this table is now shifting to the unsettled differences between Lisa R. and Kim Richards. These two have a long past of hurt between them, and I think everyone at the table can feel the tension. I was relieved to see that this escalating situation defused.

Until next week…"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo