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Dorit Kemsley: “I Never Wanted To Hurt Or Shame Erika In Any Way”

Dorit Kemsley is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Dorit thinks there's a lot of truth in what Kim Richards said about Lisa Rinna and Eileen's relationship.

Dorit writes:

"This was a fun week with the game night. Such a great way to all let loose! I definitely needed it after a few weeks of drama. It’s not easy getting to know this many new women. I’m learning that very quickly!

I’ve said it a few times now, but I’ll say it one last time. For the record, I never wanted to hurt or shame Erika in any way. I just tried to make light of the situation and be playful. I shouldn’t have talked about buying the panties with the other girls, but no one discouraged me from getting them or even gave Erika the heads up—and these are her friends—so I honestly thought she would find it funny. It’s done with and over, and I really now hope everyone else will let it be, once and for all.

Now with Eileen and Lisa R., these two are the closest of friends—they share every little thing together. Not sure why Lisa R. and Eileen need to keep making something out of this dinner conversation, which clearly wasn’t anything I thought much about as I couldn’t even remember it. It was a long dinner after all! Anyway, the last thing I wanted to do was upset Eileen or start drama. It was a few comments with friends over dinner, that’s all ladies. Please, this doesn’t need to continue…

I really was looking forward to Game Night. I remember how we put aside any differences and had a lot of fun at The Escape Room, so I had high hopes this would be just as fun. Playing the games was hilarious, we laughed so much. Being partnered with Eden was a breath of fresh air. She was playful and kind, not looking for any angle, and I loved getting to know her.

On the other hand, I knew the situation wasn’t going to be great when Eileen called me over. And quite honestly having heard Eileen rehash "pantygate" ONCE AGAIN felt more than I could bear. Erika continues to reassure me that it's behind us, but Eileen can't seem to allow that. It doesn't feel like a "friend" sticking up for a "friend" at this point. It feels more like an attack. These girls are more experienced than me at this, but I’ve now learned in just a few weeks that when things get brought up again and again, it doesn’t end well, so why on earth are we continuing to repeat the same things and discuss something that Erika has said time and time again was over? And tonight of all nights when we had a drama-free fantastic game night…

Then when Kim started talking about Lisa R. and Eileen’s relationship, I have to say some of that started to hit home, and it was precisely what I was explaining to the girls at the table. I can now see how Eileen and Lisa R. really look out for each other and how they could team up and go after someone. I can appreciate a close friendship, but it's starting to feel like one winds the other one up. I, for one, will always stick up for myself and not allow people to bully me or drag things out to make more of a situation then it has to be. Even if it feels like four against one, I have to know I did my best to defend myself, particularly when I NEVER had any mal intent. To make out I was being hurtful or inconsiderate to any of them is ridiculous and untrue. I know we all have more interesting lives and experiences to share. I hope we can move on and focus on that.

And lastly, to see Lisa R. and Kim going at it was just saddening. Kim was in such a happy place tonight, it’s clear there’s a lot of old wounds between these two that I really don’t know much about. Thank goodness for Eden’s voice of reason calming the situation down. Let’s hope this can be the spirit of things to come!

See you next week!"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo