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Dolores Catania Reveals Why Melissa Gorga Cut Ties With Ex-Business Partner Jackie Beard Robinson!

Dolores Catania is spilling the tea on why her Real Housewives of New Jersey co-star Melissa Gorga has closed her boutique. As previously reported, Gorga's Envy boutique in Montclair, New Jersey, is closed temporarily as she and her business partner Jackie Beard Robinson parted ways.

“The chemistry was over,” Catania told People of Gorga and Robinson’s split. “The business agreement or what ever it was that they had between them is not working out anymore. They decided to separate and Jackie wanted to liquidate the [boutique].”

She continued: “I don’t know if Melissa was on board with that, but certainly Jackie went to Kim [DePaola] for the help.”

“I’m sure Jackie had had complaints in the past and stressed them to Melissa,” Catania says. “I don’t know if Melissa really took them as serious.”

As for Catania, she says she has remained neutral in the situation.

“I just listened and I just let them know that I wouldn’t be taking sides,” she said. “Although, that’s gonna be a good sale … I never miss a sale.”

A post went up on the boutique’s website Wednesday, “We are remodeling our website and adding new inventory. Please check back soon!”

Gorga’s rep previously released a statement, claiming that although Gorga and Robinson parted ways, Gorga would continue to manage the business herself. However Catania says Robinson’s departure was likely no surprise.

Photo Credit: Bravo