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Stassi Schroeder Opens Up About Suicidal Tweet And Slams Vanderpump Rules Producers!

Stassi Schroeder recently appeared on podcast, Allegedly with Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss where the Vanderpump Rules star revealed that she was seriously distraught over negative comments on social media after last week’s episode.

“It was a bad episode,” she explained on the podcast. “And I’m okay with — I’ve handled criticism for the last five years. I’ve been that reality TV villain, and I’ve had people say awful things, and I’ve had people not like me based on things that they saw on TV and I’ve handled it. This time it felt very different because I felt like the episode…I just don’t feel like it was edited fairly.”

“I stayed up till like 4 in the morning sobbing,” the 28-year-old added. “Like I’m surprised one of my neighbors didn’t call the police. I was really upset.”

But when asked if the episode made her question her reality TV future, she had a shocking answer,

“It made me more mad at like, do I want to do this job?” she replied. “Do I want do this again? Like, f**k this. No!”

“My producers had to come over last night and come wake me up in the morning to go film today,” she added, noting that she was reluctant to go in front of the cameras because she didn’t trust the cast and crew anymore!

“I tried threatening this — I looked at my producers and I said: ‘This is making me not want to do my job properly,'” she continued. “‘Like what you guys ask of me is to just be as authentic as I possibly can and to live my life on camera as much as I can — I think I’m going to change.'”

Then, Schroeder also revealed that she contemplated suicide after Frank Herlihy shopped around her sex tape after the show’s first season. As Vanderpump Rules fans know, Lisa Vanderpump paid Herlihy $900 to stop him from selling the self-made, self-pleasuring vid

Schroeder vowed to take a social media break after her meltdown, but has already returned to Instagram and Twitter.

Transcript courtesy via Radar Online

Photo Credit: Bravo