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Sneak Peek: Mama Joyce Comes For Phaedra Parks, Kenya Moore's Ex Matt Jordan Caught In Camera Breaking Down Her Garage Door!

On Sunday's all-new episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta — Cynthia Bailey's peaceful divorce takes a turn when Peter Thomas starts talking about their relationship to the press. While Kenya Moore hopes to reconcile her differences with Matt Jordan, Porsha Williams decides she is ready to buy her first home, despite being unsure of what her new relationship has in store.

Kandi Burruss hosts an afternoon of tasty eats, but Mama Joyce's choice of words leaves a bad taste in Phaedra Parks’s mouth. Things also heat up when Shereé Whitfield spills the tea on Porsha’s past. Watch a sneak peek preview below!

In this clip courtesy via Radar Online, Kenya Moore was left in tears after her ex-boyfriend Matt Jordan damaged her beloved Moore Manor, Jordan is caught on camera breaking down her garage door.

“I’m not doing good,” Moore told co-star Cynthia Bailey the morning after the incident. “He came over here and he was drunk, telling me he wanted to come and get his stuff.”

When Moore took his remote so he wouldn’t have access to her house, he took matters into his own hands.

“He came up to the door and kicked the window,” she said of the attack, which took place at 2am. “He broke the window in the garage. I don’t know what to do. He just gets angry. He’s acting out. He’s acting like a child.”

Bailey responded, “If he’s a child he needs to go home to his mother. What kind of s**t is that? I’m really nervous about the way he’s behaving.”

When Bailey asked if Moore is “afraid” of Jordan, she paused and then replied, “I don’t think he’ll ever do anything to me.”

But Bailey wasn’t convinced, as she advised Moore to “think about taking time away from this guy.”

In this exclusive clip via People, Phaedra Parks was in another state when she got the scary news that a bomb had been delivered to her office, Parks returns to the ATL to clear up rumors of what has turned out to be a giant misunderstanding.

“I wasn’t even in town,” Parks begins. “I got a phone call and my employees were saying, ‘Someone tried to deliver a bomb to your office.’ ”

At the time, the call sent Parks into a panic. She quickly dialed her mother to make sure her two sons — Ayden, 6, and Dylan, 3 — were safe. “I’m freaked out,” she explained, telling herself to “just get the kids and go.”

Back in Atlanta, news of the bomb threat quickly spread to the other Housewives. Burruss received a phone call from her assistant telling her the news and passed the story on to Moore.

“This dude came to Phaedra’s office with a grenade and said he was going to blow the f—ing building up,” Burruss said. “A real grenade. Said he was going to blow himself up and everybody in there.”

Now that she has the facts, Parks is clearing up those rumors. “It was one of my clients that had come to my office to deliver some CDs,” she tells the Housewives in the clip. “He had CDs and FedEx package and some lyrics. He didn’t have a bomb.”

Mama Joyce heard something different.

“What he said from what they had written down is he was tired of being messed around,” she tells the table. “He was looking for you and he was going to blow you the f— up. He said he was tired of being messed around and he was looking for Phaedra and he was going to blow her the f— up. That’s what’s on my cell phone. He said he had a bomb and was looking for Phaedra and was going to blow her the f— up.”

Parks remains firm. “He’s not upset with me,” she explains. “Homeland Security said that was false. He said he never made a threat against me at all.”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sunday nights at 8/7c only on Bravo. For International TV Listings click here!

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo