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Kristen Taekman Talks Life After Real Housewives Of New York City!

Kristen Taekman is talking about life after The Real Housewives of New York City. The mother-of-two reflect on her life post-show, what she’s up to, and how the show may be closer to reality than most people think. Check it out!

Taekman has no regrets about walking away from the Bravo hit reality series. “Amazing, relaxing, drama-free,” she joked immediately. “Need I go on?”

The model and entrepreneur said that while her life is still busy, she appreciates the slower pace. “It was a lot in a couple of years. I am equally busy, but it’s a little bit calmer, it’s more time with my family, so it’s good,” she told U-Interview. She also revealed that gaining distance from the show—and watching it like everybody else—has given her a new perspective on the whole experience.

 “The storyline keeps going and you know, sort of, the storyline because you were a part of it,” she explained. “So it’s kind of cool. You have this kind of advantage from watching at home now.” One thing Taekman doesn’t miss from the show: live tweeting.

Taekman also joked about her often “normal” behavior on the show. “I was a little too normal, yes,” she admitted. However, she insists that the frequent drama on the show has similarities to what good friends, stuck too close together, go through all the time.

“I think people find it so hard to believe that it’s really reality. You put five women together for five months, five days a week, I mean, sometimes a few times a day, that [drama] happens,” she said, likening the cast to a family during the holidays. “People have these little disagreements and arguments and there’s the drama and all that.”

Since leaving RHONY, Taekman has kept busy with her nail polish line, “Pop of Color,” and becoming a fashion correspondent for .Luxury. “I love nail polish, I’ve always been a huge nail polish fan,” she said. “The opportunity presented itself and I thought, why not?” The founder of blog Last Night’s Look, Taekman integrates her polish colors into her everyday comments on style. “Everything kind of works together.”

Photo Credit: Bravo