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Kordell Stewart Confirms That’s Him In Nude Video, Denies Gay Allegations And Blames Porsha Williams For Leaked Tape — Porsha Claps Back!

Kordell Stewart has confirmed that he is the one in the solo nude video that was leaked a few days ago, however he claims that the video was stolen and he's pointing the finger at his ex wife, Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams.

He told TMZ Sports that he is he's outraged that the video went public because he had made it specifically for a woman he was dating at the time.

Stewart says he's already contacted his lawyers and plans to rain down hell on whoever released it. Kordell says his #1 suspect is his ex-wife, Porsha Williams, claiming she had sent him text messages warning him to "prepare for war" ... and he believes she was referring to the tape.

As for reports that Kordell had made the video for another man, the ex-NFL star says it's "bull****" and says that, while he respects gay people, that's just not who he is.

Porsha Williams released a statement and fired back at Stewart's claims, denying having anything to do with the leaked naked video.

"This is obviously a publicity stunt that Kordell and maybe one of his partners in crime came up with," she told TMZ. "The truth is I have not spoken with Kordell Stewart since the day I signed our divorce decree. I have nothing to do with Kordell 'TOOTING' his derrière to the camera for the world to see."

She added: "I would suggest Kordell find another hobby and wish him a very Happy New Year."

Additionally, according to Black Sports Online, the woman who recorded the video shares that while the man in the video is in fact Stewart, some of the footage has been edited.

"I have to say a good portion of the video uploaded was sent to me, the real recipient," the source says, wishing to remain anonymous. "I am soon to be divorced and have seen Kordell privately for two months because I do not want our relationship to affect my divorce proceedings, as I began seeing him after we met on recent trip to Turks and Caicos. Of course, I was married at the time and was with my husband and his family on that trip."

She then explains she regrets passing around the video he sent her, especially considering the rumors that it sparked.

"Foolishly, I shared a video he sent of his penis to me with friends and was horrified to see it had been shared online with a false story about a gay relationship," she elaborates. "Even more horrifying was the fact that it has been edited to make it seem as though he exposed his butt. You’ll notice that there is a black screen between the shot of his penis (which is real) and the shot of his butt. That’s because the second shot (the butt shot) isn’t of him and has been lazily tacked onto the original video. That is why the audio has been removed."

Photo Credit: Google Images