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Stassi Schroeder Gives An Update On Her Love Life: “Being Single Is A Lot Of Fun”

Earlier this year, Stassi Schroeder revealed during an emotional episode of her Straight Up with Stassi podcast that she and her longtime boyfriend, Patrick Meagher called it quits. Now, the Vanderpump Rules star is opening up about her single life.

In fact, Stassi recently revealed to People Now that she's dating, and the experience "has been a lot of fun." She added, “I’ve had a really good time. I’m like, actively trying not to do what I normally do, which is just jump right into a relationship.”

Taking that time out for herself has been empowering for Stassi. “I actually didn’t know how independent I was, and that’s been really cool [to discover],” she shared. “When you’re just alone all the time, you really do learn that you can handle sh**.”

Schroeder split from Patrick Meagher, her boyfriend of more than two years this summer, breaking the news on Twitter in July in a tweet that has since been deleted. She later opened up about the split during one of her Straight Up with Stassi podcasts a few weeks later.

“Because we’ve broken up and gotten back together so many times, it was like: ‘We can’t do this pattern anymore, this routine of breaking up and getting back together every month. I can’t do it. Like, I can’t,’ ” she explained. “And so I have to do something to make this official.”

“I feel like I tweeted it because I deserve and he deserves so much better than this relationship where no one ever knows if we’re together or apart,” she said. “We deserve something stable or steady.”

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo