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NeNe Leakes Hit With Another Tax Lien — Owes Over $1 Million In Unpaid Taxes!

According to a new report, NeNe Leakes is getting in more financial trouble, as the Real Housewives of Atlanta alum has been with a second tax lien in four months - this time for nearly $100,000. But that's not all, apparently she also owes the State of California. See full details below!

The Daily Mail reports that Leakes, who's real name is Linnethia Monique Leakes, was hit with a state tax lien from the Georgia Department of Revenue for $95,232.92 on September 22 over unpaid taxes from 2014.

In July, the federal government also hit the 48-year-old reality star with a tax lien, threatening to seize her assets if she didn’t pay $824,366.01 in back federal taxes from the same year.

The state tax lien that was filed in September shows that Leakes originally owed $58,458, but it has grown with interest ($9,715.71), penalties ($15,317.61), collection fees ($11,691.60) and other costs.

According to the publication, if she does not pay her debt soon, the Department of Revenue will begin the process of seizing her assets and property. The federal and state liens still remain active, meaning she has yet to pay off her debt.

Not only does Leakes owes more than $900,000 to Georgia and the U.S. government — but the west coast is after her too! Radar Online reports that Leakes was slapped with a California state tax lien for $86,624 on June 2 of this year.

According to the Sacramento County Court clerk’s office, the Atlanta-based Leakes — who owns a restaurant in the state capital — did not pay taxes in 2014.

The clerk’s office also confirmed that the lien has not been released, meaning the actress and entrepreneur has not yet paid up.

The latest lien now puts Leakes’ known tax debt to $1,005,856.92 — that's over $1 million! The site claims that Leakes was offered $2.5 million to return to the 9th season of RHOA, but she declined the offer.

Photo Credit: Bravo