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RHOC Recap: Stage Moms And Dropped Bombs [Episode 12]

by: Sam Allan

This weeks episode of Orange County was intense to say the least. We started off with Tamra working out and it turns out that she did postpone her competition which was probably for the best. She said that she does have a crocked halo and that sometimes she just wants to slap a bitch, aww I'm glad to see that the old Tamra is still inside.

Shannon's kids have a band and were practising for their performance. Shannon was just rocking around everywhere and it gave me life! YASS Shannon, I love you! We crossed over to Vicki and she was wearing her neck brace, HA! Okay boo. She didn't reply to Shannon's message but I probably wouldn't of either. So Shannon is moving and Tamra had the idea to have a packing party and she brought Kelly with her. Damn Tamra use to start the shit now she's fixing it? Shannon is moving and apparently she and Kelly are gonna be neighbours, HA! Anyways Kelly apologised and even though it was awkward it looked genuine. I actually love Kelly and think she's a great addition, but I know she's gonna do something crazy again and I can't wait. So the girls were throwing out Shannon's shoes and damn - she even had vegan shoes? What?!

Meghan arrived and there was obvious beef between her and Tamra. I can't deal with Meghan so I am obviously #TeamTamra all the way but this wasn't even a fight it was just dramatic music dubbed in, eh. I had to laugh when Tamra said "I'm sorry for saying go to hell but no hanging up." Awww. Later on Vicki was out for a family dinner and did a good job of grossing out her family talking about her sex life. Also Briana is my favourite person on Orange County, someone give the bitch an orange! So Vicki was talking about Tinder and said that she is low matenience and doesn;t cause fights. HA! OKAY VICKI! If Vicki is anything she is High matenience and causes many fights. This was proven through a montage of flashbacks through the past 11 years, aww Vicki never change.

After this we finally got to the Beador kids band, aw. The arrived in a limo okay, it was fancy. Of course the first to arrive was Kelly which was a little awkward but not long after Tamra and Meghan arrived too and DAMN Meghan was tall! David's mom and sister turned up and Shannon was not happy. She told the girls about her beef with her in laws and even I felt uncomfortable. The Beador girls performed and they weren't that bad, I liked the song it was groovy. DURING the song David's mother started talking to Kelly saying that she never gets to see her grandchildren because Shannon hates her and even Kelly recognised that she didn't want to get in this mess. Kelly went over the Shannon and told her what was said and they were literally an inch away from the mother in law. Shannon said she's always been nice and she's been the bigger person for 15 years. She even spilled some tea that the mother in law got drunk at her engagement party, damn.

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Photo Credit: Bravo