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RHOC Recap: The Moral Minority [Episode 11]

by: Sam Allan

Oh damn, all these phone hang ups were giving me a headache! So we started with Tamra getting out of hospital and we didn't even get to see the opening credits! Tamra was in a wheelchair and Vicki was stable in another hospital so at least everyone was alive! Tamra said she felt responsible and I felt so bad, aw Tamra! Shannon went to see Meghan and her golf outfit was so cute! Meghan said she had a baby bump but HA it just looked like when you have a big lunch at Taco Bell, am I right?

So Shannon and Meghan played golf and it took ages for Meghan to actually give Shannon the tea about Glamis, conveniently Heather called and kinda implied that the girls should head over the hospital that Vicki was at, because they were only 45 minutes away. Meghan said that they should go because they are her friends and Kelly and Heather were pissed! I am so team Glamis on this one, sorry La Quinta girls. Also David managed to throw some Brooks shade, mmm if it was anyone else I would be pissed by David and Shannon are so cute!

Tamra, Heather and Kelly facetimed Vicki and that shit looked serious! It was juxtaposed with Meghan and Shannon questioning why she would be taking photos and I didn't think that was cool. Kelly actually told Heather that she misjudged her and they hugged which I thought was so cute, and I wanna see them get to know each other better, I mean things can't get worse than 'sushi night'. The next day Tamra called Shannon and Meghan and explained the whole accident in lots of detail and you could see they realised that they looked like the mean girls, Meghan said that her and Vicki aren't friends and Tamra told her to go to hell. YES TAMRA! Meghan's dumb ass looked speechless chile.

Vicki was back at home in the OC and even her daughter Briana threw shade that she thinks that her mom isn't that sick, HA! Meghan went to go visit Vicki which was just nauseating. She cried and low-key shaded Tamra which wasn't cool. Vicki asked her about how she said that she didn't want to see her and Meghan's ass back peddled faster than Teresa Giudice flipped that table! Meghan said sorry to Vicki but I am 100% sure that she did it for her image. Over at Cut Fitness, Tamra was working out and she said that she just doesn't feel motivated since the accident. Eddie suggested that she wait for the next competition in May but Tamra is a fighter and she's sticking to her original plan - you go Tamra!

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