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Heather Dubrow Opens Up About The ‘Scary’ ATV Accident In Glamis And The ‘Odd’ Phone Call With Meghan King Edmonds!

Heather Dubrow is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Heather Dubrow opens up about the "scary" ATV accident in Glamis and the "odd" phone call with Meghan King Edmonds.

Heather writes:

"I've been sort of dreading watching this episode. Although I had the BEST time with Nicky, I wasn't sure I could stomach watching the footage of the accident. 

I started out with twins, so there were always two babies...then three, then four... So alone time is always precious and traveling with just one?!?! Incredible. 

Nicky was so excited about the camper! When Tamra said "fancy trailer" I was picturing something like Will Smith would have on movie location, LOL -- apparently not! Truthfully I didn't care what we were in, I was just so happy to be on this trip with Nicky.

We laughed so much on the camper and Tamra and Vicki played "headbands" with me and Nicky to make the time pass. It was supposed to be a three hour trip that took us seven hours! 

Kelly was soooooo car sick. She kept making a joke about Dramamine but didn't have any?!?!! Ugh! The road was windy and awful. Nicky felt so bad he kept offering her a ginger ale, such a sweet boy.

The campsite was awesome! Food, twinkle lights, flowers - really amazing!!! 

Vicki running up the sand wall...two seconds after she came down cars were zooming by, she could have easily been hit. If Kelly wants to call me Principal Dubrow - go right ahead. I'd rather be the principal than a vulgar, truant, inappropriate child. 

Take a picture of me cooking! I sent it to Terry! Haha! Tamra scared me with the food thing!!! She said basically pack in, pack out for yourself. We ended up doing community food with everyone and used my "Jackie" meals as appetizers for everyone, it was so much fun. Eddie is a GREAT grill master! 

Nicky was blown away by this place and was itching to get on that ATV! Eddie was so sweet and patient with Nicky, I loved watching that! Nicky took to it so quickly, too quickly! He loved it!!!! 

Getting in the buggy, I called shotgun!!! Vicki and Kelly vomit!!! Didn't want to be downwind of those two AND Vicki screams A LOT! I sat next to her on an elephant in Bali and I still don't hear properly out of one ear (Kidding! Kind of!).

Tamra has been driving these dunes since she was young - I wasn't worried about her driving. When you're in the car it feels like a roller coaster but you know in the back of your mind it's not totally safe. Right before we rolled you hear me say "I have a bad feeling" ...I hit the sand first...face in the sand, upside down. I thought to myself - I am not going to die in this vehicle and made my body go limp like Terry says to do in an accident. 

The car was pretty jacked up, the roll bar was bent. The roof (which was actually an 80 pound stereo) came crashing down on our heads.

Vicki couldn't feel the left side of her body, I was scratching her hand with my nails and she didn't even flinch. It was scary. 

Vicki and Tamra were lying in the sun for a long time. Glamis is in the middle of nowhere. It took 45 minutes to get the chopper to the crash site and we were holding up jackets and sheets to create some shade. 

We weren't entirely sure where they were taking Tamra and Vicki or how bad their injuries were and with all the kids back at camp and no cars, we decided to sit and wait for news and then plan a course of action. 

That phone call with Meghan was odd. I told her about the accident and said I think we are in shock. She knew the severity of the accident. So, why should I suggest she see Vicki? Uh...because it's the right thing to do...let's see how that plays out next week..."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo